55 Microsoft Publisher Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

Microsoft Publisher Shortcuts has made it easier for anyone to create a clean and professional layout for all types of publications. For designers and Publishers for them, it’s a convenient and effective tool in the design world. Microsoft Publisher is a publishing software that is included in the Microsoft Office Suite.

Download MS Publisher Shortcut Keys PDF

The Publisher Shortcuts list will ensure you create beautiful designs for your organizations or personal endeavors. Utilizing the Publisher Shortcuts will help you unleash your creativity and produce stunning visuals. Download the Publisher Shortcuts list in the form of a PDF and enjoy working as a professional.

Most used Microsoft Publisher Shortcuts

Action Microsoft Publisher Shortcuts
Open a new instance Ctrl + N
Display the Open publication Ctrl + O
Close current publication Ctrl + F4
Display save as dialog box Ctrl + S
Find and Replace Ctrl + F
Replace Ctrl + H
Check to spell F7
Thesaurus task pane Shift + F7
Research task pane Alt + Click a Word
Select all Ctrl + A
Set newspaper alignment Ctrl + Shift + J
Display the hyphenation dialog box Ctrl + Shift + H
Insert the current time Alt + Shift + T
Insert the current date Alt + Shift + D
Insert the current page number Alt + Shift + P
Undo what you last did Ctrl + Z
Redo what you last did Ctrl + Y
Bring an object to the front Alt + F6
Send an object to the back Alt + Shift + F6
Turn Snap to guides on or off F10, Shift + R
Group selected object Ctrl + Shift + G
Ungroup selected object Ctrl + Shift + G
Display the Go to the Page dialog box Ctrl + G
Go to the Next page Ctrl + Page Down Key
Go to the previous page Ctrl + Page Up key
Switch between the current page and the Master page Ctrl + M
Turn Boundaries on or off Ctrl + Shift + O
Open the Print dialog view Ctrl + P
Insert Hyperlink Ctrl + K
Display the Macros dialog box Alt + F8
Display the Visual Basic Editor Alt + F11

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Text formatting Shortcuts

Action Publisher Shortcut keys
Make Text Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Text Ctrl + I
Underline Text Ctrl + U
Change text case from upper to lower Ctrl + Shift + K
Open the font dialog Ctrl + Shift + F
Copy formatting Ctrl + Shift + C
Paste Formatting Ctrl + Shift + V
Turn on or off Special Characters Ctrl + Shift + Y
Return character formatting to the current style Ctrl + Spacebar
Apply or Remove Subscript formatting Ctrl + =
Apply or Remove Superscript formatting Ctrl + Shift + =
Increase space between letters in the word Ctrl + Shift + ]
Decrease the space between letters in the word Ctrl + Shift + [
Increase font size by 1.0 point Ctrl + ]
Decrease font size by 1.0 point Ctrl + [
Increase font size Ctrl + Shift + >
Decrease font size Ctrl + Shift + <
Center a paragraph Ctrl + E
Apply a paragraph on the left Ctrl + L
Apply a paragraph on the right Ctrl + R
Apply a paragraph on the Justify Ctrl + J
Distribute a paragraph evenly horizontally Ctrl + Shift + D

The productivity of any software solely depends on the usage of its shortcuts list. From all the available Publisher Alternatives, Adobe InDesign is leading the race. It includes templates for personal and professional projects, excellent typography tools, and comprehensive editing. Thus, it is important to know Adobe InDesign Shortcuts as well.


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