130 Adobe InDesign Shortcuts for Windows

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Remembering all the Adobe InDesign Shortcuts almost seems an impossible task. You must always find ways to work smarter than to work harder. So, Keyboard shortcuts will act as a bridge between efforts and action.

List of all InDesign Shortcuts Windows

Below is a complete list of InDesign Shortcuts for Windows users that will help you to quickly change effects, strokes, swatches, links, layers, etc. So get your job done faster plus easier with these InDesign Shortcut keys. These shortcuts will help you to improve and speed up the workflow in InDesign.

Download Adobe InDesign Shortcuts PDF

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Formatting InDesign Shortcuts

Action InDesign Shortcuts 2021 PDF
Increase font size Ctrl + Shift + >
Decrease font size Ctrl + Shift + <
Flush left Ctrl + Shift + L
Flush Right Ctrl + Shift + R
Center Ctrl + Shift + C
Justify Ctrl + Shift + J
Bold Ctrl + Shift + B
Italic Ctrl + Shift + I
Underline Ctrl + Shift + U

File Menu Shortcuts

Action InDesign Shortcuts 2021
New file Ctrl + N
Open file Ctrl + O
Close window Ctrl + W
Open in bridge Ctrl + Alt + O
Place Ctrl + D
Save Ctrl + S
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S
Print Ctrl + P
Page Setup Ctrl + Alt + P
Package Ctrl + Shift + Alt + P
Quit Application Ctrl + Q
Export Ctrl + E

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Edit Menu Shortcuts

Action Adobe InDesign Shortcut keys
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste without Formatting Ctrl + Shift + V
Select all Ctrl + A
Deselect all Ctrl + Shift + A
Find/change Ctrl + F
Check spelling Ctrl + I
Paste in place Ctrl + Shift + Alt + V
Paste info Ctrl + Alt + V
Duplicate Ctrl + Shift + Alt + D
Edit in story editor Ctrl + Y
Check out Ctrl + F9
Check in Ctrl + Shift + F9
Update content Ctrl + F5
Quick apply Ctrl + Enter

Layout Menu Shortcuts

Action Adobe Indesign Shortcut keys
Go to page Ctrl + J
Add page Ctrl + Shift + P
Previous spread Alt + Page Up
Next spread Alt + Page Down

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Object Menu Shortcuts

Action InDesign Shortcut keys
Transform again Ctrl + Alt + 4
Group Ctrl + G
UnGroup Ctrl + Shift + G
Compound path Ctrl + 8
Drop shadow Ctrl + Alt + M
Center content Ctrl + Shift + E
Fill frame proportionally Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C
Bring to front Ctrl + Shift + [
Send to Back Ctrl + Shift + ]
Text frame options Ctrl + B

View Menu Shortcuts

Action InDesign Shortcut keys
Smart Guides Ctrl + U
Guides Ctrl + ;
High Quality Display Ctrl + Alt + H
Text Threads Ctrl + Alt + Y
Frame edges Ctrl + H
Rulers Ctrl + R
Actual size Ctrl + 1
200% size Ctrl + 2
400% size Ctrl + 4
50% size Ctrl + 5
Set Presentation background to black B
Set Presentation background to gray G
Set Presentation background to white W
Show Cyan plate Ctrl + Shift + Alt + 1
Show Magenta plate Ctrl + Shift + Alt + 2
Show Yellow plate Ctrl + Shift + Alt + 3
Show Black Plate Ctrl + Shift + Alt + 4
Show 1st spot plate Ctrl + Shift + Alt + 5
Show 2nd spot plate Ctrl + Shift + Alt + 6
Show 3rd spot plate Ctrl + Shift + Alt + 7
Show All Plates Ctrl + Shift + Alt + ‘

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Panels Shortcuts

Action InDesign Shortcut keys
Swatches F5
Layers F7
Stroke F10
Paragraph styles F11
Character styles Shift + F11
Text wrap Ctrl + Alt + W
Links Ctrl + Shift + D
Info F8
Character Ctrl + T
Control Ctrl + Alt + 6
Object Styles Ctrl + F7
Colors F6
Paragraph Styles F11
Index Shift + F8
Tables Shift + F9
Scripts Ctrl + Alt + F11

Type Menu Shortcuts

Action InDesign Shortcut keys
Tabs Ctrl + Shift + T
Glyphs Alt + Shift + F11
Forced link break Shift + Enter
Hidden Characters Ctrl + Alt + I

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Tools Shortcuts

Action InDesign Shortcut keys
Selection tool V
Direct selection tool A
Magic wind tool Y
Lasso tool Q
Pen tool P
Add anchor point tool +
Delete anchor point tool
Type tool T
Line segment tool \
Rectangle tool M
Ellipse tool L
Paintbrush tool B
Pencil tool N
Rotate tool R
Reflect tool O
Scale tool S
Free Transform tool E
Column graph tool J
Mesh tool U
Gradient tool G
Eyedropper tool I
Blend tool W
Zoom tool Z
Hand tool H
Scissors tool C
Blob brush tool Shift + B
Convert anchor point tool Shift + C
Warp tool Shift + R
Width tool Shift + W
Shape builder tool Shift + M
Perspective grid tool Shift + P
Perspective selection tool Shift + V
Symbol sprayer tool Shift + S
Eraser tool Shift + E
Slice tool Shift + K
Live Paint Selection tool Shift + L

Zoom Shortcuts

Action InDesign Shortcut keys
Drag mouse to Zoom Ctrl + Spacebar
Fit Page in view Ctrl + 0
Fit Spread in View Ctrl + Alt + 0
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + –

It is rightly said that you can accomplish more tasks and productivity by using keyboard shortcuts rather than a mouse. Above you saw the list of Adobe InDesign Shortcut keys that are useful and most important in day-to-day work.


How do I create a shortcut in InDesign?

Click on Keyboard Shortcuts under the Edit section then Click on New Set then type a name for the new set, and select a shortcut that you want to create.

What does Ctrl + W do in InDesign?

It will Close the Window

How Do I Preview a shortcut in InDesign CC?

Use Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl + F2 to see the Preview


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