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50 Plex Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows & macOS

Plex shortcuts come into play when you have a large collection of locally saved media on your device. It lets you keep your digital movies and TV shows organized. You don’t want to fiddle around with your mouse while you are in the middle of watching a movie.

Download Plex Shortcuts PDF

An experienced Plex user or a user just getting used to the software may find it exhausting while navigating through the options. That is where you can take advantage of the Plex Shortcuts list. We even have a list of Plex Shortcuts which can be downloadable in the form of PDF.

Graphics Control Shortcuts

Action Plex Shortcuts Windows Plex Shortcuts Mac
Play Spacebar Spacebar
Pause P P
Stop X X
Exit Esc Esc
Fast forward F F
Rewind R R
Forward 10 minutes or the next video Up Arrow key + ] Up Arrow key + ]
Forward 30 seconds or the Next track Right Arrow key + . Right Arrow key + .
Backward 10 minutes Down Arrow key + [ Down Arrow key + [
Backward 30 seconds or Previous track Left Arrow key + , Left Arrow key + ,
On-screen menu M M
Exit the main menu H H
Cycle through audio tracks A A
Subtitle on or off S S
Progress bar O O
Playback Info Diagnostic I I
Cycle through subtitle L L
Cycle through view modes Z Z
Increase Volume + +
Decrease Volume
Media Items F6 F6
Move Up Up Arrow key Up Arrow key
Move Down Down Arrow key Down Arrow key
Move Right Right Arrow key Right Arrow key
Move Left Left Arrow key Left Arrow key
Select current item Enter Return
Back to the Home screen H H
Switches to the previous audio track Ctrl + A Command + A
Switch to the previous subtitle track Ctrl + L Command + L
Increase audio delay Alt + A Option + A
Increase Subtitle delay Alt + S Option + S
Decrease audio delay Alt + Shift + A Option + Shift + A
Decrease subtitle delay Alt + Shift + S Option + Shift + S

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Navigation Controls Shortcuts

Action Plex Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Plex Keyboard Shortcuts Mac
Navigate left Left Arrow key Left Arrow key
Navigate Right Right Arrow key Right Arrow key
Navigate Up Up Arrow key Up Arrow key
Navigate Down Down Arrow key Down Arrow key
Exit or Back Esc Esc
Select current item Enter Return
Start Playback of the selected item P P
Open Context Menu C C
Go to the home screen H H
Window or FullScreen mode \ \
Perform the add-to-up next action Q Q

Range of functions, cost, and compatibility all of these play an important role while choosing the best media center. There are a good number of Plex alternatives that manage and playback audio files, video, and image files. Emby is a potential Plex competitor that provides many of the same functions as Plex. We have listed Emby Shortcuts as well on our website. Have a quick look!


What is Plex?

Plex is a popular media server software that enables users to stream their own personal media, such as videos, music, and photos, to any device, anywhere.

Is Plex free?

Plex has both free and paid (Premium) versions. The free version has limited features and displays ads, while the premium version offers more features and no ads.

How many devices can I use with Plex at the same time?

The number of simultaneous streams that can be played from a single Plex server depends on the Plex Pass subscription level.

Can I use Plex offline?

Yes, you can download media from your Plex library to your device for offline viewing, but this feature is only available with a Plex Pass subscription.

Is Plex legal?

Yes, Plex is a legal software, but it is the user's responsibility to ensure that they have the legal right to access and stream the media they add to their Plex library.


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