What does Ctrl+Shift+F5 do?

The Ctrl+Shift+F5 keyboard shortcut performs different functions in various programs.

This blog will explain what pressing Ctrl+Shift+F5 does across some common applications.

How to use the Ctrl+Shift+F5 keyboard shortcut?

Using Ctrl+Shift+F5 is straightforward – just press and hold Ctrl and Shift on your keyboard at the same time, then while holding them, press F5. Simple as that!

Ctrl+Shift+F5 on a Chromebook

If using a Chromebook, Ctrl+Shift+F5 is the shortcut to take a screenshot. Pressing this key combo will automatically save a screenshot image to your Downloads folder for easy sharing or editing. Handy!

Google Chrome Shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+F5 in Microsoft Word

The Ctrl+Shift+F5 keyboard shortcut opens up bookmark management capabilities in Word. It lets you easily navigate documents by creating and using bookmarks as quick links. This improves workflow and saves time for anyone working with long, complex Word documents.

MS Word Shortcut keys

Ctrl+Shift+F5 in an Opera

For Opera web browser users, Ctrl+Shift+F5 is used to force reload the current page while also clearing the cache. This ignores cached content and reloads all assets. Helpful for troubleshooting page issues.

Opera Shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+F5 in an Adobe After Effects

Ctrl+Shift+F5 cleans out memory, stops renders, and resets caches in After Effects. It’s a handy shortcut to reset After Effects and purge various cached information that may be causing problems or system slowdowns. Using it regularly can help keep After Effects running smoothly and efficiently.

After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+F5 in a NetBeans

For the coding wizards using NetBeans, Ctrl+Shift+F5 is your debugging sidekick. It’s the swift command that recompiles and runs your code, making sure you’re testing the latest version without breaking a sweat. Time to squash those bugs and keep your codebase squeaky clean!

NetBeans Keyboard Shortcuts

What to do when Ctrl+Shift+F5 doesn’t work?

If Ctrl+Shift+F5 has no effect, try these troubleshooting tips:

    • Ensure no other modifier keys are pressed.
    • Try using the FN key if you are on a laptop.
    • Check for software conflicts binding the shortcut.
    • Look in settings to reset keyboard shortcuts.
    • Update drivers and check hardware issues.

Getting a stalled keyboard shortcut functioning again takes some patience usually. But I hope those tips get your Ctrl+Shift+F5 working properly again. Let me know if it fails in a certain program.

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