50 Wondershare Filmora Keyboard Shortcuts

A handful of Wondershare Filmora shortcuts will work wonders for you in Wondershare Filmora. Filmora is a simple video editor used to bring your stories to life.

Download Filmora Shortcuts PDF

A handful of Wondershare Filmora shortcut keys are listed below to turn your dream stories into reality faster. Download the Wondershare Filmora shortcut keys list for Windows users in PDF format. Therefore, you can create a spectacular film with little effort and knowledge.

Most used Wondershare Filmora Shortcuts

Action Filmora Shortcuts
Redo Ctrl + Y
Undo Ctrl + Z
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Delete Delete
Select all Ctrl + A
Quit Alt + F4
Export Ctrl + E

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File Shortcuts

Action Filmora Shortcut keys PDF
New project Ctrl + N
Open existing project Ctrl + O
Import media files Ctrl + 1
Save project file Ctrl + S
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S
Archive project Ctrl + Shift + A

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Edit Shortcuts

Action Filmora Keyboard Shortcuts
Split (Blade) Ctrl + B
Crop Alt + C
Powertool Ctrl + P
Detach audio Ctrl + Alt + D
Mute Ctrl + Shift + M
Record voice over Alt + R
Start or Stop voiceover recording Alt + Shift + R
Show edit window Alt + E
Zoom in timeline Ctrl + =
Fit in timeline Shift + Z
Storyboard view Alt + S
Timeline view Alt + T

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Preview Shortcuts

Action Filmora Keyboard Shortcuts
Play or Pause Spacebar
Stop Ctrl + /
Go to the next frame Left Arrow key
Go to the previous frame Right Arrow key
Fullscreen Alt + Enter
Snapshot Ctrl + Alt + S

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Media Library Shortcuts

Action Filmora Keyboard Shortcuts
Add to Timeline or Apply Alt + A
Find Target Ctrl + Shift + R
Show Property Alt + P
Scene Detection Alt + D
Add a new folder – Album Ctrl + Alt + N
Delete folder – Album Delete
Upper one Up Arrow key
Under one Down Arrow key
Switch to Media Library Ctrl + 1
Switch to Music Library Ctrl + 2
Switch to Text or Credit Library Ctrl + 3
Switch to Filters Library Ctrl + 4
Switch to Overlays Library Ctrl + 5
Switch to Elements Library Ctrl + 6
Switch to TRANSITIONS Library Ctrl + 7
Switch to SPLIT SCREEN Library Ctrl + 8

Anyone can become a good video editor in Wondershare Filmora because of the number of features:

  • Filters & Overlay
  • Animated Content
  • 4K editing support
  • Audio Removal
  • GIF Support
  • Color recovery
  • Audio mixer
  • Advance Text editor
  • Video intensity
  • Audio rating
  • Scene detection

Despite its many benefits and uses, this software tool has its shortcomings. Malware programs exploit Wondershare to distribute their software. Occasionally, it displays or downloads material when users are online. For this reason alone, users often seek alternatives. You may also consider reviewing Adobe Premiere Pro Shortcut keys.


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