Geek GK61 Keyboard Shortcuts List

download Geek GK61 GK64 shortcuts pdf

The Geek GK61 is a 60% keyboard, which means that it is smaller than a typical computer keyboard. A mechanical gaming keyboard with Gateron optical switches, the GK61 is wired. With an onboard microphone for RGB lighting effects, it features 61 keys.

Download Geek GK61 Shortcuts PDF

Learn Geek GK61 Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Geek GK61 Shortcuts

Action Geek GK61 Hotkeys
Block or Unblock the Windows key Fn + Win
Toggle permanent Fn mode Fn then Fn
F1 to F10 Fn + 1 … 10
F11 Fn + –
F12 Fn + =
No lighting Fn + Backspace
Adjust brightness Fn + [
Logic lights Fn + ]
Code lights Fn + \
Online mode Fn + Q
Macro settings Fn + W


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