15 Geek GK61 Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

The Geek GK61 is a super-fast keyboard and is an excellent choice for gamers. Geek GK61 shortcuts are something that you should look forward to optimizing your gaming experience. Geek GK61 overall is not perfect but it is worth checking out. GK61 is a winner not only in the gaming category but also in other categories like stabilizing, lighting, switches, and typing.

Download Geek GK61 Shortcuts PDF

If you are looking or willing to spare some time to figure out the Geek GK61 shortcuts list, then you are at the right place. Download the Geek GK61 shortcut keys list to toggle between the various functions smoothly.

Most used Geek GK61 Shortcuts

Action Geek GK61 Hotkeys
Block or Unblock the Windows key Fn + Win
Toggle permanent Fn mode Fn then Fn
F1 to F10 Fn + 1 … 10
F11 Fn + –
F12 Fn + =
No lighting Fn + Backspace
Adjust brightness Fn + [
Logic lights Fn + ]
Code lights Fn + \
Online mode Fn + Q
Macro settings Fn + W

When you are looking for a budget-friendly gaming keyboard that matches or fits perfectly a Geek GK61 alternative is Ducky One 2 Mini. The 60% keyboard is perfect for gaming, typing, programming, and more. Therefore, promptly examine the list of Ducky One 2 Mini Shortcuts.


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