30 Microsoft Teams Shortcuts You Should Know

download microsoft teams shortcuts pdf

Understanding Microsoft Team is a good start while starting to work, but mastering Team shortcuts will help increase productivity as you navigate. Microsoft Team Shortcuts will allow you to communicate with your fellow employees, partners, clients, and others, regardless of location.

List of Microsoft Teams Shortcuts

Thinking about how you can be more productive and save time while working with Microsoft Team? Well, try the below list of Team Shortcuts. Download the Team Shortcuts in the form of a PDF.

Download Microsoft Teams Shortcuts PDF

Most used Microsoft Teams Shortcuts

Action Microsoft Teams Shortcuts
Start a New Chat Alt + N
Go to Search Alt + E
Close a Dialog or Move Focus Esc
Go to Next Section Ctrl + F6
Go to the Previous Section Ctrl + Shift + F6
Open help Alt + H
Open Settings Alt + G
Open Keyboard Shortcuts Alt + /

Calling Shortcuts

Action Microsoft Teams Shortcuts
Accept Call Ctrl + Alt + A
Decline Call Ctrl + Alt + D
Start an Audio Call Ctrl + Alt + C
Start a Video Call Ctrl + Alt + V
Mute or Unmute Audio Ctrl + Alt + M
Turn Video On or Off Ctrl + Alt + O
Switch to or Exit Full-Screen Mode Ctrl + Alt + F

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Messaging Shortcuts

Action Microsoft Teams Shortcut keys
Move Focus to Compose box C
Expand Compose Box Alt + X
Send a Message when Compose Box is Expanded Ctrl + Enter
Open Emoji Menu Alt + Q
Attach a File Alt + A
Start a new line Shift + Enter

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Microsoft Teams Shortcut keys
Open Activity Alt + 1
Open Chat Alt + 2
Open Teams Alt + 3
Open Meetings Alt + 4
Open Files Alt + 5
Go to the Previous List item Alt + Up Arrow key
Go to the Next List of Item Alt + Down Arrow key
Go to the Previous Tab Alt + Left Arrow key
Go to Next Tab Alt + Right Arrow key

Microsoft Teams integrates with other 365 Office Productivity such as Skype for Business, SharePoint, etc., making it a productivity hub. Have a look at SharePoint shortcuts as well as Skype Shortcuts. The more confidently you use Team shortcuts, the more likely you will achieve the goal.


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