33 Odoo Point of Sale Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Odoo Point of Sale Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Odoo Point of Sale Shortcuts

Action Odoo Point of Sale Shortcut Keys
Home menu Alt + H
Dashboard Alt + 1
Orders Alt + 2
Products Alt + 3
Shortcuts Alt + 4
Reporting Alt + 5
Configuration Alt + 6
Save Alt + S
Discard Alt + J
Order invoice I
Select/Deselect customer Enter
Print receipt R

Product screen Shortcuts

Action Odoo POS Shortcuts
Payment screen N
Customer screen C
Search product S
Select Quantity in Numpad Q
Select Discount in Numpad D
Select Info button F
Select Refund button E
Select Price in Numpad P
Add a customer A
Select the previous orderline Down Arrow key
Select next orderline Up Arrow key
Delete Backspace
Navigate product left Left Arrow key
Navigate product right Right Arrow key

Other Shortcuts

Action Odoo POS Shortcuts
Back screen B
Select the OK button on a popup Enter
Select the Cancel button on a popup Esc
Select POS user U
Refresh connection Z
Close POS session M
Show orders O



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