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25 Google Keep Keyboard Shortcuts

With all the hustle around, we tend to forget things. This is where Google Keep and Google Keep Shortcuts come into play. Google Keep is not just a note-taking tool, but it also allows you to add images, and voice recordings, create lists, and collaborate with other users. Additionally, you can archive, pin, and label the notes as well.

Download Google Keep Shortcuts PDF

Below is the list of Google Keep shortcuts available to you, which will help you take down notes like a pro. Download the Google Keep Shortcuts in PDF format for future use.

Most used Google Keep Shortcut keys

Action Google Keep Shortcut keys
Compose a new note C
Compose a new list I
Search notes /
Select all notes Ctrl + A
Archive note E
Trash note #
Pin or unpin notes F
Select note X
Toggle between list and grid view Ctrl + G
Finish editing Esc
Finish editing Ctrl + Enter
Toggle checkboxes Ctrl + Shift + 8
Navigate to the next note J
Navigate to the previous note K
Move note to next position Shift + J
Move note to the previous position Shift + K
Navigate to the next list item N
Navigate to the previous list item P
Move the list item to the next position Shift + N
Move the list item to the previous position Shift + P
Open keyboard shortcuts help ?

Your performance with Google Keep will surely be enhanced after using the Google Keep shortcut keys. The note-taking application is constantly growing, so people often seek alternatives. Todoist is one such alternative to Google Keep, offering online note-taking capabilities. You can explore the Todoist shortcuts list on our website.



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