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15 Google Blogger Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Blogger was introduced mainly for writing and blogging. All the Google Blogger shortcuts will be used by bloggers while they are writing, as they make the process fast and simple. Don’t get confused between Blogger and BlogSpot; they are not the same. BlogSpot provides a domain for the blogger.

Download Google Blogger Shortcuts PDF

A compiled list of Google Blogger shortcut keys can be used by bloggers to ease their work. With the list below, you can perform various tasks without wasting much time. Download the list of Google Blogger shortcut keys in PDF format for future use.

Most used Google Blogger Shortcuts

Action Google Blogger Shortcut keys
Select All Ctrl + A
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Redo Ctrl + Z
Undo Ctrl + Y
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Save as Draft Ctrl + D
Translate using the Indian font Ctrl + G
Format Selected text as a blockquote Ctrl + L
Publish Ctrl + P
Autosave and Keep Editing Ctrl + S
Underline Ctrl + U
Add Link Ctrl + Shift + A
Preview Ctrl + Shift + P

The Medium website is also a blogging and web publishing platform. You can explore the Medium website shortcuts list.



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