20 Moldflow Adviser Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Moldflow Adviser Shortcut keys for Windows

Most used Moldflow Adviser Shortcuts

Action Moldflow Adviser Shortcut keys
Open Project Ctrl + O
New Study Ctrl + N
Close Alt + F, C
Save Study Ctrl + S
Print Ctrl + P
Search Help F1
In a dialog, cycle forward through the items and boxes Tab
In a dialog, cycle backward through the items and boxes Shift + Tab
To close a dialog without saving Esc
To show/hide Full Navigation Wheel Shift + W
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Delete Delete
Select By Properties Ctrl + B
Select All Ctrl + A
Copy the Image to Clipboard Ctrl + I
Save Image to File Ctrl + F
Properties Alt + Enter
Fixed Constraint Ctrl + Shift + C
Job Manager Ctrl + J


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is Moldflow Adviser?” answer-0=”Moldflow Adviser is a simulation software developed by Autodesk. It is used for predicting and optimizing the injection molding process for plastic parts. Moldflow Adviser helps engineers analyze and solve potential manufacturing issues upfront, improving the design and production of plastic components.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What are some commonly used Moldflow Adviser shortcuts?” answer-1=”Here are a few commonly used shortcuts in Moldflow Adviser:

  • F1: Open the Help documentation.
  • Ctrl + O: Open a project file.
  • Ctrl + S: Save the current project.
  • Ctrl + P: Print the current view or report.
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo the last action.
  • Ctrl + Y: Redo the last undone action.
  • Ctrl + A: Select all items in the current view.
  • Ctrl + C: Copy the selected items to the clipboard.
  • Ctrl + V: Paste the contents of the clipboard.
  • Ctrl + W: Close the current view or dialog.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]



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