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30 GitLab Shortcuts for Web

List of GitLab Shortcuts

Learn GitLab Shortcuts for Web Applications

Most used GitLab Shortcuts

Action GitLab Shortcut keys
Open Selection Enter
Go Back Esc
Move Selection Up Up Arrow key
Move Selection Down Down Arrow key
Focus Search S
Show or Hide This Dialog ?
Edit Last Comment Up Arrow key

Dashboard & Project Shortcuts

Action GitLab Shortcut keys
Go to Activity Feed G + A
Go to projects G + P
Go to Issue G + I
Go to Merge requests G + M
Go to Todos G + T
Go to Project Home Page G + P
Go to Project Activity Feed G + E
Go to Files G + F
Go to Commits G + C
Go to Jobs G + B
Go to Network Graph G + N
Go to Issues G + I
Go to Snippets G + S
New Issue I
Go to Finding Files T

Issue & Merge Request Shortcuts

Action GitLab Shortcut keys
Change Milestone M
Change Assignee A
Reply R
Edit Issue or Merge Request E
Change Label L

Network Graph Shortcuts

Action GitLab Shortcut keys
Scroll Left H
Scroll Right L
Scroll Up K
Scroll Down J
Scroll to Top Shift + K
Scroll to Bottom Shift + J

Download GitLab Shortcuts PDF

Download GitLab Shortcut keys PDF


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