60 BricsCAD Shortcuts – BricsCAD Commands list PDF

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BricsCAD commands are all available with just a click. Still, there is a need for BricsCAD Shortcuts for Windows and Mac users in order to boost productivity. BricsCAD shortcuts will not only enhance your overall performance but also help you speed up processes and workflow.

Download the BricsCAD Command list PDF

The BricsCAD platform is for everyone who designs, builds, and manufactures things. To help you get started with using BricsCAD Shortcuts, we have created a shortcut list below. This list is also available in the PDF version. Download BricsCAD Shortcuts in PDF form.

Most used BricsCAD Shortcuts

Action BricsCAD Shortcuts Windows BricsCAD Shortcuts Mac
Toggles the properties bar Ctrl + 1 Command + 1
Opens the Drawing Explorer Ctrl + 2 Command + 2
Toggles the display of the command bar Ctrl + 9 Command + 9
Selects entities Ctrl + A Command + A
Toggles the Snap setting Ctrl + B Command + B
Copies the selection to the clipboard Ctrl + C Command + C
Copies the selection along with a base point Ctrl + Shift + C Command + Shift + C
Sets the isoplane Ctrl + E Command + E
The Toggles entity snaps on or off Ctrl + F Option + F
Toggles the display of the grid Ctrl + G Command + G
Toggle value of the PICK STYLE system variable Ctrl + H Command + H
Sets the readout of the coordinate field Ctrl + I Command + I
Repeats the previously issued command Ctrl + J Command + J
Attach a hyperlink to an object Ctrl + K Command + K
Toggles the Ortho setting Ctrl + L Command + L
Repeats the previously issued command Ctrl + M Command + M
Creates a new drawing Ctrl + N Command + N
Opens an existing drawing Ctrl + O Command + O
Prints the current drawing Ctrl + P Command + P
Toggles the Properties bar Ctrl + Shift + P Command + Shift + P
Quits the application prompts Ctrl + Q Command + Q
Iterates through viewports Ctrl + R Command + R
Saves the current drawing Ctrl + S Command + S
Turns the tablet on or off Ctrl + T Command + T
Pastes the contents of the Clipboard Ctrl + V Command + V
Pastes the contents of the Clipboard in a specified format Ctrl + Alt + V Command + Option + V
Pastes  the contents of the Clipboard as a block Ctrl + Shift + V Command + Shift + V
Cut Ctrl + X Command + X
Redo Ctrl + Y Command + Y
Undo Ctrl + Z Command + Z
Cancels the running command Ctrl + \ Command + \
Toggles the display of the command bar Shift + F2 Shift + F2
Turns the Status Bar on or off Shift + F3 Shift + F3
Turns the Scroll Bars on or off Shift + F4 Shift + F4
Launch the Visual Basic Project Manager Shift + F8 Shift + F8
Launch the VBA COM Add-In Manager Shift + F11 Shift + F11

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Function key Shortcuts

Action Bricscad commands Windows Bricscad commands Mac
Bricscad Help F1 F1
Prompt History window F2 F2
Tablet mode F4 F4
Sets the isoplane F5 F5
Sets the readout of the coordinate field in the status bar F6 F6
Display of the grid F7 F7
Ortho setting F8 F8
Snap setting F9 F9
Polar Tracking setting F10 F10
Entity Snap Tracking setting F11 F11
Quad display F12 F12
Launch the VBARUN command Alt + F8 Option + F8
Launch the VBAIDE command Alt + F11 Option + F11

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Navigation Shortcuts

Action Bricscad commands Windows Bricscad commands Mac
Moves the view Up Page Up key Page Up key
Moves the view Down Page Down key Page Down key
Moves the view to the Left Shift + Left Arrow key Shift + Left Arrow key
Moves the view to the Right Shift + Right Arrow key Shift + Right Arrow key
Moves the view Up Shift + Up Arrow key Shift + Up Arrow key
Moves the view Down Shift + Down Arrow key Shift + Down Arrow key

BricsCAD and AutoCAD both have very similar interfaces. BricsCAD rivals AutoCAD because of its capabilities and pricing. Have a look at the list of AutoCAD shortcuts. However, both of these applications are solid while working with 2D drawings.


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