50 Windows Movie Maker Keyboard Shortcuts

Mastering Windows Movie Maker shortcuts can greatly enhance your experience with the application. Movie editing demands significant time, effort, hard work, and patience, and using Windows Movie Maker shortcut keys can help streamline your workflow.

Download Windows Movie Maker Shortcuts PDF

If you’re using Windows Movie Maker for video editing, it’s worth exploring the list of shortcuts provided below. These shortcuts enable you to navigate Windows Movie Maker more efficiently and effectively. You can download the Windows Movie Maker Shortcut keys list in PDF format.

Most used Windows Movie Maker Shortcuts

Action Windows Movie Maker Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Open an existing project Ctrl + O
Create a new project Ctrl + N
Save a project Ctrl + S
Delete Delete
Import an existing digital media file Ctrl + I
Import video from a digital video camera Ctrl + R
Trim clip edge left Alt + Shift + Left Arrow key
Trim clip edge right Alt + Shift + Right Arrow key
Split a clip M
Clear trim points U
Set start trim point I
Set end trim point O
Go to the first item Home key
Go to the last item End key

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On Timeline Shortcuts

Action Windows Movie Maker Shortcuts
Save a project with a new name F12
Publish a movie Ctrl + P
Select all clips Ctrl + A
Clear the timeline Ctrl + Delete
Switch between the storyboard and the timeline Ctrl + T
Add selected clips to the storyboard or timeline Ctrl + D
Play the video in full-screen Alt + Enter
Stop playback on the storyboard or timeline Ctrl + K
Play content on the storyboard or timeline Ctrl + W
Rewind and go to the beginning of the storyboard or timeline Ctrl + Q
Zoom the timeline to fit on the screen F9
Expand the Video track when it is selected in the timeline +
Collapse the Video track when it is selected in the timeline
Combine contiguous clips N
Rename a collection or clip F2
Play or pause the clip K
Previous frame J
Next frame L
Display help topics F1
Nudges clip to the left Ctrl + Shift + B
Nudges clip to the right Ctrl + Shift + N
Back Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow key
Forward Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow key
Zoom in on the timeline Page Down key
Zoom out on the timeline Page Up key
Select the previous item Left Arrow key
Select next item Right Arrow key
Select item above Up Arrow key
Select item below Down Arrow key

Since Windows Movie Maker was discontinued, users have turned to alternatives such as the hidden video editor similar to Windows Movie Maker or sought out proper alternatives like Lightworks or VideoPad Editor. Take a look at the Lightworks Shortcuts list and the VideoPad Editor Shortcuts list for efficient video editing.



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