70 Dynamics CRM Keyboard Shortcuts

One way to simplify your day-to-day tasks in Dynamics is by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Shortcuts. Entrepreneurs must recognize the importance of building strong relationships with customers, as customers are the lifeblood of every business.

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Below is a list of numerous Dynamics CRM Shortcuts that will help you operate more efficiently while working with data in the interface. You might already be familiar with many of these shortcuts, making them easy to remember. Download the Dynamics CRM Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most used Dynamics CRM Shortcuts

Action Dynamics CRM Shortcut keys
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Save a record Ctrl + S
Close a record Esc
Publish Form Editor customization Ctrl + Enter
Prints the current page Ctrl + P
Delete text Delete
Renames the selected item F2
Delete selected text Shift + Delete
Move to the first tab on the ribbon Ctrl + [
Move to the last tab on the ribbon Ctrl + ]
Move the insertion point to the start of the next word Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Move the insertion point to the start of the previous word Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Select all text Ctrl + A
Display the System menu for the active window Alt + Spacebar
Display the shortcut menu for the selected item Shift + F10
Cancel the current task Esc
Move up through a list of records Up Arrow key
Move down through a list of records Down Arrow key
Open the selected record Enter
Jump to the sitemap Ctrl + Shift + 3
Open the recently viewed pages and view the menu Ctrl + Shift + 7
Minimize ribbon Ctrl + Shift + 5

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Microsoft Management Console Shortcuts

Action Dynamics CRM Shortcuts
Opens a saved snap-in console Ctrl + O
Opens a new snap-in console Ctrl + N
Saves the open snap-in console Ctrl + S
Opens the Add or Remove Snap-in dialog box Ctrl + M
Opens a new window Ctrl + W
Refreshes the content of all snap-in console windows F5
Displays the MMC window menu Alt + Spacebar
Closes the snap-in console Alt + F4
Action menu Alt + A
View menu Alt + V
File menu Alt + F
Favourites menu Alt + O
Window menu Alt + W
Help menu Alt + H

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Form Shortcuts

Action Dynamics CRM Shortcut keys
Move to the next option, option group, or field Tab
Move to the previous option, option group, or field Shift + Tab
Complete the command for the active option or button Enter
Save Ctrl + S
Save and Close Alt + S
Cancel edits and close Esc
Open Search Spacebar
Delete text from a field Backspace
Delete the record Ctrl + D
Save and then open a new form Ctrl + Shift + S
Move to another field or command Tab
Open the list menu Ctrl + Shift + 2
Navigate to the next item on the list Ctrl + GT
Navigate to the previous item on the list Ctrl + LT
Open lookup drop-down list Enter
Close lookup drop-down list Esc
Auto-resolve lookup value Ctrl + K
Open a record found in lookup with forms in Edit mode Enter
Open a record found in lookup with forms in Read-optimized mode Ctrl + Enter
Add a step in the business process editor Alt + Shift + N
Tab to the Navigation Pane Ctrl + Shift + 3

Activity Feed Shortcuts

Action Dynamics CRM Shortcut keys
Submit a post Alt + P
Post a status update Alt + S
Follow or unfollow Alt + F
Delete a selected post or comment Alt + L
Cancel a deletion Alt + C

The look and feel of Dynamics CRM closely resemble the Office Suite, making it even more popular. Salesforce CRM, on the other hand, is a customer relationship management platform that caters to businesses of all sizes, whether small, growing, or large. Take a look at the Salesforce CRM Shortcuts listed here.


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