25 Windows Remote Desktop Shortcuts

List of Remote Desktop Shortcuts

Learn Windows Remote Desktop Shortcuts

Entering Remote Desktop

Action Remote Desktop Shortcut keys
Microsoft Terminal Services Client Win + r then type ‘mstsc’
Start Remote Desktop and connect to Server mstsc /v:
Start Remote Desktop in Full-Screen Mode mstsc /f
Runs Remote Desktop in Admin Mode mstsc /admin
Specify either width or height of Window mstsc /w: /h:
Run Remote Desktop in Public Mode mstsc /public
Matches Remote Desktop with local virtual desktop mstsc /span
Matches Session Layout to Client Layout mstsc /multimon
Opens Connection Settings of the .rdp file mstsc “connection file”
Opens the .rdp file for editing mstsc /edit “connection file”
Migrates older .rdp files to new .rdp files mstsc /migrate
List all parameters mstsc /?

Shortcuts in Remote Desktop

Action Remote Desktop Shortcut keys
Switches between programs from left to right Alt + Page Up key
Switches between programs for the right to left Alt + Page Down key
Cycles through the programs in the order they were started Alt + Insert key
Displays the Start menu Alt + Home key
Switches the client between full-screen mode and window mode Ctrl + Alt + Pause Break
Show on Connection Bar Ctrl + Alt + Home
Brings up the Windows Security dialogue box Ctrl + Alt + End
Displays the Windows menu Alt + Delete
Screenshot of active Window into Clipboard Ctrl + Alt + –
Screenshot of Entire Remote Desktop into Clipboard Ctrl + Alt + +

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