25 Windows Remote Desktop Shortcuts

If you manage multiple computers at once, then the remote desktop shortcuts will help you to enhance the overall user experience. RDP is used by the remote desktop connection which allows users to establish a connection between two or more computers.

Download Remote Desktop Shortcuts PDF

Some of the Remote Desktop Shortcuts are different from the default Windows Shortcuts. When you use Windows Shortcut on the Remote Desktop it won’t work. So what exactly are the Remote Desktop Shortcuts you will get to know through the given below list Even download the below list of Remote Desktop Shortcuts in the form of a PDF.

Entering Remote Desktop

Action Remote Desktop Shortcut keys
Microsoft Terminal Services Client Win + r then type ‘mstsc’
Start Remote Desktop and connect to Server mstsc /v:
Start Remote Desktop in Full-Screen Mode mstsc /f
Runs Remote Desktop in Admin Mode mstsc /admin
Specify either width or height of the Window mstsc /w: /h:
Run Remote Desktop in Public Mode mstsc /public
Matches Remote Desktop with local virtual desktop mstsc /span
Matches Session Layout to Client Layout mstsc /multimon
Opens Connection Settings of the .rdp file mstsc “connection file”
Opens the .rdp file for editing mstsc /edit “connection file”
Migrates older .rdp files to new .rdp files mstsc /migrate
List all parameters mstsc /?

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Shortcuts in Remote Desktop

Action Remote Desktop Shortcut keys
Switches between programs from left to right Alt + Page Up key
Switches between programs from the right to left Alt + Page Down key
Cycles through the programs in the order they were started Alt + Insert key
Displays the Start menu Alt + Home key
Switches the client between full-screen mode and window mode Ctrl + Alt + Pause Break
Show on Connection Bar Ctrl + Alt + Home
Brings up the Windows Security dialogue box Ctrl + Alt + End
Displays the Windows menu Alt + Delete
Screenshot of active Window into Clipboard Ctrl + Alt + –
Screenshot of Entire Remote Desktop into Clipboard Ctrl + Alt + +

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What is Windows Remote Desktop?

Windows Remote Desktop is a feature of Windows operating systems that allows a user to access a remote computer or virtual machine from another device or location.

How do I connect to a remote computer using Remote Desktop?

To connect to a remote computer using Remote Desktop, open the Remote Desktop Connection application, enter the name or IP address of the remote computer, and then enter your login credentials.

Can I use Remote Desktop to connect to a computer that's not on the same network as my local computer?

Yes, you can use Remote Desktop to connect to a remote computer that's not on the same network as your local computer, but you may need to configure your network and firewall settings to allow Remote Desktop connections.

Can multiple users connect to the same remote computer using Remote Desktop at the same time?

Yes, multiple users can connect to the same remote computer using Remote Desktop at the same time, but you need to configure the remote computer to allow multiple concurrent connections.

How secure is Remote Desktop?

Remote Desktop is generally considered a secure method for accessing a remote computer, but you should take steps to ensure that your connection is secure, such as using strong passwords, enabling Network Level Authentication, and configuring your firewall settings appropriately.


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