50 Zoom Shortcuts for Windows

download zoom shortcuts windows pdf

Like other programs, zoom also permits the use of zoom shortcuts instead of a mouse. Zoom shortcuts make it quicker and easier to access its features. Zoom gained its importance during the first wave of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

List of Zoom Shortcuts Windows

The list of Zoom shortcuts is too long that can be used before, during, and after the meeting. Using the below Zoom shortcuts, you can do various tasks: join a meeting, mute and unmute the audio, start the meeting, pause the meeting, start recording, stop recording, etc. Download the Zoom shortcuts PDF.

Download Zoom Shortcuts PDF

Common Shortcuts

Action Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts Windows
Navigate among Zoom popup windows F6
Move focus to Zoom’s meeting controls Ctrl + Alt + Shift

Meeting Shortcuts

Action Zoom Shortcut keys
View the previous 25 video streams in the gallery view Page Up key
View the next 25 video streams in the gallery view Page Down key
Show or hide meeting control Alt
Switch to active speaker view in video meeting Alt + F1
Switch to gallery video view in video meeting Alt + F2
Close the current window Alt + F4
Start or stop Video Alt + V
Mute or unmute Audio Alt + A
Mute or unmute audio for everyone except the host Alt + M
Share content or launch share screen Alt + S
Start or stop new screen share note Alt + Shift + S
Pause or resume screen share note Alt + T
Start or stop local recording Alt + R
Start or stop cloud recording Alt + C
Pause or resume recording Alt + P
Switch camera Alt + N
Toggle Fullscreen Alt + F
Hide or unhide in-meeting chat panel Alt + H
Display or hide the Participants’ panel Alt + U
Invite attendees Alt + I
Raise or lower hand Alt + Y
Gain remote control Alt + Shift + R
Stop remote control Alt + Shift + G
Read active speaker name Ctrl + 2
Show or hide floating meeting controls Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H

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Chat Shortcuts

Action Zoom Shortcut keys Windows
Take Screenshot Alt + Shift + T
Switch to Portrait or Landscape View Alt + L
Close current chat session Ctrl + W
Go to the next chat Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Go to the previous chat Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Jump to chat with someone Ctrl + T
Find or search Ctrl + F
Move to the next tab Ctrl + Tab
Move to the previous tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Phone Shortcuts

Action Zoom Shortcuts Windows
Accept inbound call Ctrl + Shift + A
End current call Ctrl + Shift + E
Decline inbound call Ctrl + Shift + D
Mute or Unmute mic Ctrl + Shift + M
Hold or Unhold the call Ctrl + Shift + H

Learn as many zoom shortcuts as possible, as every time you use the shortcut, it will save you a few seconds. And these seconds will convert into minutes in the end. Well, any software that can be a good alternative to Zoom in Teamviewer. Have a look at a detailed list of Team Viewer shortcuts.


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