10 IBM Director Keyboard Shortcuts

IBM Director serves as a central control point for aggregating and managing systems. In IBM Director, you can utilize keyboard shortcuts to work with requirements artifacts.

Download IBM Director Shortcuts PDF

Below is the list of all IBM Director shortcuts that can be used. You can also download this list of IBM Director shortcut keys in PDF format.

Most used IBM Director Shortcuts

Action IBM Director Shortcut keys
Scroll Up in Frame Home
Scroll down in Frame End key
Go to the next Link or Button Tab
Go to the next Frame in the Help system F6
Expand in Node in Navigation Tree +
Collapse in Node in Navigation Tree
To Move through Controls on a Particular Page Tab
Open Combo Box Alt + Down Arrow key
Go to the Next Link in Topic Pane Tab
Go to the Previous Link in Topic Pane Shift + Tab
Bring Topic Pane into Focus Alt + K then Tab
Go directly to Search Results View Alt + R then Enter
Navigate in browser history Alt + Left Arrow key
Print Active pane Ctrl + P
Move to the Search Entry Field Alt + S

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