30 Lightworks Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

Layering, filtering, adding special effects and transitions, and many more such things are just one or two clicks away with the help of Lightworks shortcuts. Lightworks 14 works well on almost all operating systems i.e. Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.

Download Lightworks Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

Here, we have a list of Lightworks shortcuts for Windows users. Also, download this list of Shortcuts in the form of a PDF. Once you familiarise yourself with these shortcuts you will be confident enough to work and this will lead to an increase in your workflow. Work faster and in an intuitive manner.

Most used Lightworks Shortcuts

Action Lightworks Keyboard Shortcuts
Insert New Blank Row Alt + B
Duplicates Current Row Alt + D
Store Current Row Alt + H
Insert Default Field Values Alt + I
Paste Stored Database Field Alt + F
Delete Current Row Alt + T
Undo Insert Default Values Alt + U
Paste Current Row Alt + Y
Enable Single Playing Alt + 1
Enable Twin Playing Alt + 2
Enable Locked Playing Alt + 3
Step Pull-Down Sequence Alt + A
Audio Moves from the Source Track to the Destination Track Alt + M
Audio Copies from Source Track to Destination Track Alt + S
Play Backwards J
Stop Playing K
Play Forwards L
Move Image Horizontally X
Positions Image Vertically Y
Rotate Image Diagonally Z
Delete Current Entry Ctrl + Delete
To Move Next Row Down Arrow key
To Move the Previous Row Up Arrow key
To Move the Previous Field Left Arrow key
To Move Next Field Right Arrow key
Scroll Down Page Down key
Scroll Up Page Up key
Moves Right to Next Field Tab
Moves Left to Previous Field Shift + Tab

What differentiates Lightworks from other editing programs is that it allows you to edit video without its watermark. Rendering of video is also quite quick in Lightworks software. It is up to you to decide which software is the right choice for you. Lightworks or Shotcut. Have a detailed look at Shotcut Shortcuts as well.


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