50 Sims 4 Keyboard Shortcuts

for Gamers

Sims 4 shortcuts in nothing but a little trick to help make Sims 4 a whole lot better. There are shortcuts available in different game modes like General Mode, Live Mode, and Build Mode. A new Sims 4 user may find it hard to figure out how to switch between cameras, get past the wall, zoom in and out without much effort, etc. Now you are in the correct place.

Download Sims 4 Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

There were a few hurdles that were encountered while having fun with the game. But some hurdles can easily be overcome by using the below list of Sims 4 Shortcuts. Download the Sims 4 Shortcuts in the form of a PDF.

Most used Sims 4 Shortcuts

Action Sims 4 Shortcuts
Take a Screenshot C
Record video V
Change camera type Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Open the Gallery F4

Live Mode Shortcuts

Action Sims 4 Shortcuts
Bring up the main menu Esc
Find active Sim Enter
Select the next Sim in the Household Spacebar
Show Aspiration Window G
Show Sim’s inventory I
Show Career tab J
Show Skills list L
Show Relationship panel R
Show Semiology Y
Show Sim’s current need levels O
Go to Map mode M
Pause Sims 4 P
Speed 1 – normal 1
Speed 2 2
Speed 3 3
Access cheat console Ctrl + Shift + C

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Buy and Build Mode Shortcuts

Action Sims 4 Shortcuts
Live mode F1
Buy mode F2
Build mode F3
Switch to the Hand tool H
Wall tool B
Eyedropper tool E
Sledgehammer tool K
Design Tool R
Toggle the grid G
Rotate the selected object left ,
Rotate the selected object right .
Make brush softer when painting terrain ;
Make brush harder when painting terrain
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo the last action you undid Ctrl + Y
Delete or sell the selected object Delete
Switch to a top-down view T
Change lighting from morning to afternoon, evening, and night L

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Camera Controls in Live Mode Shortcuts

Action Sims 4 Keyboard Controls
Walls up Home
Walls down End
Go up a floor Page Up key
Go down a floor Page Down key
Move view up W
Move view left A
Move view down S
Move view right D
Center on current Lot Shift + Enter
Zoom in and out Z

With the above profound list of Sims 4 shortcut keys, the experience has become much better. Now play the game with great comfort. Note that learning a few of the Sims 4 shortcuts will definitely save you a few clicks but it will make you feel like a video game version of Photoshop. Learn Photoshop shortcuts that we have listed down for you!


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