35 KDevelop Shortcuts for Linux

List of KDevelop Shortcuts

Learn KDevelop Shortcuts for Linux

Most used KDevelop Shortcuts

Action KDevelop Shortcut keys
New file dialogue Ctrl + N
Open file dialogue Ctrl + O
Save file Ctrl + S
Print file dialogue Ctrl + P
Close file in the top editing window Ctrl + W
Quit KDevelop Ctrl + Q
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Indent selection Ctrl + I
Un-indent selection Ctrl + U
Insert file at the current cursor position Ctrl + Insert
Select all Ctrl + A
Go to line Ctrl + G
Jump to the next error F4
Switch to Dialog editor Ctrl + D
Toggle Tree window on the left side Ctrl + T
Toggle Output window on the bottom of the main view Ctrl + B
Open file properties Shift + F7
Add bookmark Ctrl + Alt + A
Clear bookmark entries for the top editing window Ctrl + Alt + C

Building Projects Shortcuts

Action KDevelop Shortcut keys
Compile file Ctrl + F8
Make or build target F8
Stop build F10
Execute target after building with make F9
Execute with Arguments Alt + F9

Search & Replace Shortcuts

Action KDevelop Shortcut keys
Search F8
Repeat search F7
Replace Shift + F8
Search in files Alt + F9

Download KDevelop Shortcut keys PDF

Download KDevelop Shortcuts PDF



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