80 Linux Mint Shortcuts for Linux

download linux mint shortcuts pdf

Linux distributions come with pre-configured Linux Mint Shortcuts. Linux Mint Shortcuts make your work much easier. The most used shortcut by me in Linux is to shut down the system. Ctrl + Alt + Delete is the most used Linux Mint Shortcuts by me.

List of Linux Mint Shortcuts

There are a number of more Linux Mint Shortcuts that are listed down below and that are used by most Linux users in their everyday life. Download the Linux Mint Shortcuts PDF.

Download Linux Mint Shortcuts PDF

General Linux Mint Shortcuts

Action Linux Mint Shortcuts
Open the Applications Menu Win
Show desktop Win + D
Open File Manager Win + E
Open the run dialogue Alt + F12
Open a terminal Ctrl + Alt + T
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Copy selected item Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut selected item Ctrl + X

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Nemo File Manager Shortcuts

Action Linux Mint Shortcut keys
New folder Ctrl + Shift + N
Focus on the location bar Ctrl + L
Navigate to the home directory Alt + Home
Navigate up one directory Alt + Up Arrow key
Navigate one directory forward Alt + Right Arrow key
Navigate one directory back Alt + Left Arrow key
Select all items Ctrl + A
Invert selection Ctrl + Shift + I
Open selected item Ctrl + O
Open the selected item in the new tab Ctrl + Shift + O
Properties of the selected item Alt + Enter
Preview selected item Shift + Enter
Rename selected item F2
Create a shortcut to the selected item Ctrl + M
Delete selected item Delete
Icon view Ctrl + 1
List view Ctrl + 2
Compact view Ctrl + 3
Show hidden files Ctrl + H
Increase icon size Ctrl + =
Decrease icon size Ctrl + –
Reset icon size Ctrl + 0
Toggle Extra Pane F3
Toggle Terminal in the top pane F4
Toggle left pane F9
Edit bookmarks Ctrl + B
Add bookmark Ctrl + D
Cycle focus between panes F6
New tab Ctrl + T
Switch to tab 1…9 Alt + 1…9
Next tab Ctrl + Page Up key
Previous tab Ctrl + Page Down key
Move tab left Ctrl + Shift + Page Up key
Move tab right Ctrl + Shift + Page Down key
Close tab Ctrl + W
Find Ctrl + F
New window Ctrl + N
Open file menu F10
Open the plugin manager Alt + P
Close all windows Ctrl + Q

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Manage Windows Shortcuts

Action Linux Mint Shortcut keys
Cycle through open windows on the current Workspace Alt + Tab
Cycle through open windows of the same application on ANY Workspace Alt + ‘
Toggle Scale view Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow key
Toggle Expo view Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow key
Move to left workspace Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow key
Move to the right workspace Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow key
Move current window to left workspace Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left Arrow key
Move current window to right workspace Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Right Arrow key

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Current Application Window Shortcuts

Action Linux Mint Shortcut keys
Close window Alt + F4
Unmaximize window Alt + F5
Resize window Alt + F7
Move window Alt + F8
Toggle maximize or unmaximize window Alt + F10
Open window menu Alt + Spacebar

Screenshots & Screen Recording Shortcuts

Action Linux Mint Shortcut keys
Take a screenshot Print Screen
Copy a screenshot to the clipboard Ctrl + Print Screen
Take a screenshot of the current window Alt + Print Screen
Copy a screenshot of the current window to the clipboard Ctrl + Alt + Print Screen
Toggle desktop recording Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R

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Others Shortcuts

Action Linux Mint Shortcut keys
Lock screen Ctrl + Alt + L
Log out Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Open the Shut Down menu Ctrl + Alt + End
Launch Linux Mint online to help F1
Restart Cinnamon Ctrl + Alt + Esc
Re-detect display devices Win + P
Toggle looking glass debugging tool Win + L
Restart the X server Ctrl + Alt + Backspace

The keyboard is and will always be mightier than the mouse. Because many actions or clicks can be accomplished with just a single keyboard shortcut. Hence learning a handful of shortcuts can make you significantly more productive. Windows users will jump to Windows keyboard shortcuts just like Linux users jumped to Linux mint shortcuts.


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