111 Voyager Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Voyager Shortcuts for Windows

Edit Menu Shortcuts

Action Voyager Shortcuts
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Insert field before F3
Insert field after F4
Delete field Delete
Unselect text F11
Insert subfield F9
Edit cell F8
Special character entry Ctrl + E
Special character mode toggle on/off Ctrl + D
Show MARC values F2
Show holdings locations Ctrl + L
Insert the URL from the browser Ctrl + U
Open leader Alt + L
Open 006 Alt + 6
Open 007 Alt + 7
Open 008 Alt + 8

Record Menu Shortcuts

Action Voyager Shortcuts
View line items in acquisitions Ctrl + M
Get the call number from the bib record Ctrl + N
Verify 856 links Ctrl + K
Validate heading Ctrl + H
Save to database Ctrl + B
Save to the database and close Ctrl + Q

Item Menu Shortcuts

Action Voyager Shortcuts
View status Ctrl + S
View statistics Ctrl + T
View notes Ctrl + N

Cataloging Menu Option Shortcuts

Action Voyager Shortcuts
Display holdings Alt + R then H
Display items Alt + R then M
Display authorities Alt + R then A
Display bib tree Alt + R then W
Close bib tree Alt + C
Retrieves all records highlighted on the bib tree Alt + R
Search Alt + R then S
Return to Titles Index Alt + D then T
Return to the Headings list Alt + D then H
Next record (of multiple open records) Alt + – then T
Close active record Alt + F then C
Close all open records Alt + F then O
Retrieve by barcode Alt + R then B
Retrieve by bib_id Alt + R then I then B
Retrieve by mfhd_id Alt + R then I then H
Retrieve by item_id Alt + R then I then I
Retrieve by auth_id Alt + R then I then A
Create a new bib record Alt + R then N then B
Create a new auth record Alt + R then N then A
Create a new mfhd record Alt + R then R then Alt + N
Create a new item record Alt + R then T
Copy record Alt + R then C
Import record from the new file Alt + R then P then N
Import record from the previous file Alt + R then P then V
Save the record to the database Alt + R then V
New template Alt + F then T then N
Edit template Alt + F then T then E
Save As Ctrl + A
Save to database Ctrl + B
Copy Ctrl + C
Diacritic Mode Ctrl + D
Diacritic Entry Ctrl + E
Global Headings Change Ctrl + G
Validate heading Ctrl + H
Verify 856 Link Ctrl + K
Show Holdings Locations Ctrl + L
Print record Ctrl + P
Save to the database and close Ctrl + Q
Save Ctrl + S
Insert URL from the browser Ctrl + U
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Close open window Ctrl + F4

Cataloging Within MARC Records Shortcuts

Action Voyager Shortcut keys
Open LDR Alt + L
Open 006 Alt + 6
Open 007 Alt + 7
Open 008 Alt + 8
Display valid locations Ctrl + L
Cut text Ctrl + X
Copy text Ctrl + C
Paste text Ctrl + V
Minimize record window Alt + – then N
Maximize record window Alt + – then X
Restore minimized window Alt + – then R
View record history Alt + R then Y

Voyager Circulation Shortcuts

Action Voyager Shortcut keys
Cut the highlighted text Ctrl + X
Copy the highlighted text Ctrl + C
Insert the text stored on the clipboard Ctrl + V
Initiate a Charge/Renew transaction Ctrl + H
Initiate a Discharge transaction Ctrl + D
Initiate a Reserve list search Ctrl + R
Initiate an Item record search (by Barcode, by default) Ctrl + I
Initiate a Patron record search (by Name, by default) Ctrl + P
Close the active window (works in all Circulation windows) Ctrl + F4
Edit the displayed patron record Ctrl + E
Close the Edit Patron Record window Esc
Highlight the entire field when the cursor defaults to end of the field Ctrl + Shift + Home
Highlight the entire field when the cursor defaults to the beginning of the field Ctrl + Shift + End
File menu Alt + F
File > Login info Alt + F then 1
File > Exit Alt + F then X
Open Name tab Alt + N
Edit Name Type to Personal Alt + N then Alt + Y then P
Edit Name Type to Institutional Alt + N then Alt + Y then I
Edit Institution ID field Alt + N then Alt + I
Edit Expires date field Alt + N then Alt + X
Edit the Purge Date field Alt + N then Alt + D
Open Address tab Alt + A
Check/Uncheck Protect Address option Alt + A then Alt + R
Open Phone tab Alt + P
Edit Phone Type to Primary Alt + P then Alt + T then P
Edit Phone Type to Mobile Alt + P then Alt + T then M
Edit Phone Type to Fax Alt + P then Alt + T then F
Edit Phone Type to Other Alt + P then Alt + T then O



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