46 Veritas eDiscovery Platform Shortcuts

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Learn Veritas eDiscovery Platform Shortcuts for Windows

Analysis & Review Shortcuts

Action Veritas eDiscovery Shortcuts
Run search Alt + R
Clear search Alt + C
Apply filter Alt + A
Display next occurrence Alt + Down Arrow Key
Display previous occurrence Alt + Up Arrow Key
Previous Alt + P
Next Alt + N
Save and next Alt + V
Tag and save Alt + S

Case Management Shortcuts

Action Veritas eDiscovery Shortcuts
Create tag set Alt + C
Add tag Alt + A
Remove or delete tag set Alt + R
Move tag up Alt + U
Move tag down Alt + W
Save Alt + S
Press the Tab to reach the date picker. Then, use the keyboard shortcuts above Tab

Native Viewer Shortcuts

Action Veritas eDiscovery Platform Shortcuts
Go to the next page Page Down key
Go to the previous page Page Up Key
Go to the first page Home
Go to the last page End
Zoom in +
Zoom out
Save the redaction and mark-ups Ctrl + S
Delete redaction and mark-ups Delete
Navigate within page Arrow keys
Go to the next document Alt + N
Go to the previous document Alt + P
Go to the next hit (eDP search) Alt + Down Arrow Key
Go to previous hit (eDP search) Alt + Up Arrow Key
Save the selected tag and go to the next document Alt + V
Only save the selected tag Alt + S
Rotate page clockwise Ctrl + Spacebar
Rotate page counterclockwise Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar
Show thumbnails for the current item Alt + T
Search in Native Viewer Ctrl + F
Print document within Native Viewer Ctrl + P
Dismiss the Pop Windows such as Redact Page, Redact Privacy Info Esc
Fit width Alt + W
Select pan tool Ctrl + Shift + A
Toggle full-screen mode Alt + F
Go to the View tab Alt + V
Go to the Annotation tab Alt + A
Go to the Redact tab Alt + R
Select the text in the document Alt + I
Download document Ctrl + D
View comment Ctrl + Shift + C



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