30 Microsoft Photos Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Photos comes pre-installed in Windows 10. Utilizing Microsoft Photos shortcuts enables you to efficiently view and edit photos and videos, enhancing usability and navigation speed. Consider Microsoft Photos as an intuitive photo management tool.

Download Microsoft Photos Shortcuts PDF

Below is the comprehensive list of Microsoft Photos shortcuts. Download this list to easily reference shortcuts whenever you work with Microsoft Photos.

View Photos Shortcuts

Action Microsoft Photos Shortcuts
Go to View Photo Mode Enter
Delete current photo Delete
Go back to the main menu Alt + Left Arrow key
Zoom in Ctrl + =
Zoom out Ctrl + –
Zoom to 100% Ctrl + 0
Rotate the photo clockwise in View Mode Ctrl + R
Show properties of current photo Alt + Enter
Go to the next photo Right Arrow key
Go to the previous photo Left Arrow key
Copy the current photo file to the clipboard Ctrl + C
Add a photo to the creation Ctrl + D
Save photo as Ctrl + A
Print photo Ctrl + P

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Edit Photos Shortcuts

Action Microsoft Photos Shortcut keys
Open Photo Editor Ctrl + E
Rotate the photo clockwise in View Mode Ctrl + R
Flip photo vertically Ctrl + F
Save a copy and exit Editor Ctrl + S
Close Photo Viewer Ctrl + W
Fit to Window Ctrl + 0
Delete current photo Delete

Video Editor Shortcuts

Action Microsoft Photos Shortcut keys
Move forward one frame J
Move Backwards one frame L
Pause or Start the Video K
Start or Stop video Spacebar

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View Photos in Timeline Shortcuts

Action Microsoft Photos Shortcut keys
Go down in the timeline Page Down key
Go up in the timeline Page Up key
Jump to the beginning of the timeline Ctrl + Home
Jump to the end of the timeline Ctrl + End

Sometimes, you may encounter issues such as crashes or slow response times with the Photo app. To prevent such problems and find a solution, you might consider trying an alternative to Microsoft Photos. IrfanView is a widely used and free alternative.



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