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30 Tencent QQ Player Keyboard Shortcuts

Tencent QQ Player Shortcuts are designed to enhance your music listening experience. Tencent QQ Player is a basic media player with a few interesting features, in addition to playing a wide range of video and audio formats.

Download Tencent QQ Player Shortcuts PDF

The QQ Player shortcuts listed below will help you operate Tencent more effectively and efficiently. There are plenty of shortcuts available, making tasks easier to perform. You can download the QQ Player Shortcuts list as a PDF.

Most Used Tencent QQ Player Shortcuts

Action QQ Player Shortcuts
Open File Ctrl + O
Open the Folder Ctrl + F
Close the file Ctrl + C
Open URL Ctrl + U
Save Thumbnail Alt + S
Exit and Quit Alt + F4
Play Spacebar
Pause and Minimize Esc
30 Second Forward Ctrl + Right Arrow key
30 second Backward Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Volume Up Up Arrow key
Volume Down Down Arrow key
Rewind Right Arrow key
Fast Forward Left Arrow key
Switch Full-Screen Mode Enter
Toggle fullscreen Double Click
Mute M
Screenshot Ctrl + A
Control Panel F4
Fans you switch Shift + Enter
Always on Top T
Move to the Next Frame F
Playlist F3
Parameter settings F5
Load Subtitle to Add A Subtitle File Alt + O
Subtitle Forward by 0.5 Seconds Shift + [
Subtitle Rewind by 0.5 Seconds Shift + ]

Without a doubt, Tencent QQ Player is one of the most reliable multimedia players. However, if you’re still considering alternatives, you have options to explore. Similar programs or software to Tencent QQ Player include QuickTime Player, AIMP, Clementine, VLC Media Player, and many more. Take a quick look at the shortcuts for all of these: QuickTime Player Shortcuts, AIMP Shortcuts, Clementine Shortcuts, and VLC Media Player Shortcuts.



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