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15 Clementine Player Keyboard Shortcuts

Clementine Player is a lightweight audio application that assists you in building your library by importing files from your hard drive. Music serves as a great way to pass the time, motivate and inspire, and may even improve concentration, which is why Clementine Player is highly favored. It’s worth checking out.

Download Clementine Player Shortcuts PDF

Clementine Player Shortcuts enable users to create and manage playlists, stream playlists, and even search for popular music. Below is the list of Clementine Player Shortcuts that enhance the music listening experience. You can download the Clementine Player Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Playlists Shortcuts

Action Clementine Player Shortcuts Windows Clementine Player Shortcut keys Linux
Add file to the playlist Ctrl + Shift + A Ctrl + Shift + A
Add stream to playlist Ctrl + O Ctrl + O
New playlist Ctrl + N Ctrl + N
Save playlist Ctrl + S Ctrl + S
Open playlist Ctrl + Shift + O Ctrl + Shift + O
Clear Playlist Ctrl + K Ctrl + K
Shuffle playlist Ctrl + H Ctrl + H
Jump to the current track Ctrl + J Ctrl + J

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Playback Shortcuts

Action Clementine Shortcuts Windows Clementine Shortcuts Linux
Previous Track F5 F5
Next Track F8 F8
Play or Pause F6 F6
Stop F7 F7
Love song – for Last.FM users L L
Ban song – for Last.FM users B B
Quit program Ctrl + Q Ctrl + Q

Spotify, Foobar2000, AIMP, MusicBee, and iTunes are all music managers that offer various functionalities. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the alternative that suits you best. For your convenience, we have listed the shortcuts for each alternative. Take a look at Spotify Shortcuts, AIMP Shortcuts, MusicBee Shortcuts, and iTunes Shortcuts.



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