80 Apple iMovie Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple iMovie may not be as advanced as Final Cut Pro, but it does have a massive number of iMovie shortcuts. iMovie shortcut keys will help you perform simple video editing functions.

Download iMovie Shortcuts PDF

Enhance your videos the way you want them, with your desired music and sound effects, using the list below of iMovie shortcuts for Mac users. Download the iMovie shortcuts list for Mac users in PDF form. I am sure that this list of shortcuts will be very useful.

Most used iMovie Shortcuts

Action iMovie Shortcuts
Copy the selected Text Command + C
Cut the selected Text Command + X
Paste the copied Text Command + V
Import media Command + I
Share the selection of movie Command + E
Open help menu Command + Shift + ?
iMovie properties Command + J
Create a new movie project Command + N
Move to trash Command + Delete
Open iMovie preferences Command + ,
Open voiceover controls in the viewer V
Turn on or silence audio while skimming the video Shift + S
Detach audio from a clip Command + Option + B
Undo Command + Z
Redo Command + Shift + Z

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Video Edit Shortcuts

Action iMovie Shortcuts
Select an entire clip Command + A
Deselect all clips Command + Shift + A
Add the selection to the movie E
Connect the clip at the playhead position Q
Insert the selection in the movie W
Automatically improve the Video and audio quality Command + Shift + E
Copy the selected frames Command + C
Paste Color adjustment Command + Option + A
Paste Crop adjustment Command + Option + R
Paste stabilization adjustment Command + Option + Z
Paste Rolling shutter adjustment Command + Option + T
Paste volume adjustment Command + Option + O
Paste the video effect Command + Option + L
Paste the speed adjustments Command + Option + S
Paste cut way Settings Command + Option + U
Paste the map style Command + Option + M
Rate favorite F
Unmark selected frames U
Loop Playback Command + L
Open the clip trimmer Command + \
Open the precision editor Command + /
Crop Command + K
Split clip at Playhead Command + T
Create still frame Command + Shift + S

Play Video Shortcuts

Action iMovie Shortcuts
Play video beginning Spacebar
Play the selection /
Play selected items in full-screen Command + Shift + F
Exit fullscreen Esc
Move the play head by one Left frame Left Arrow key
Move the play head by one Right frame Right Arrow key

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Window Shortcuts

Action iMovie Shortcuts
Minimize Command + M
Go to the library to view 1
Go to the iMovie theatre 2
Show or hide the Adjustment bar 3
Show or hide the Libraries list Command + Shift + 1
Play in full-screen Command + Shift + F
Show transitions in the browser Command + 1
Show titles Command + 2
Show map and backgrounds Command + 3
Show your iTunes library Command + 4
Show sound effect Command + 5
Show your Garageband library Command + 6

Navigation Shortcuts

Action iMovie Shortcuts
Forward one frame Right Arrow key
Forward ten frames Shift + Right Arrow key
Back one frame Left Arrow key
Back ten frames Shift + Left Arrow key
Move between text filed Tab
Jump forward to the next clip Down Arrow key
Jump to the beginning of the current clip Up Arrow key

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Bookmarks Shortcuts

Action iMovie Shortcuts
Add Bookmark Command + E
Delete bookmark Command + Shift + E
Next bookmark Command + ]
Previous bookmark Command + [

View Menu function Shortcuts

Action iMovie Shortcut keys
Switch to Clip Viewer Command + E
Scroll to playhead Command + Option + P
Scroll to selection Command + Option + S
Zoom to selection Command + Option + Z

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Others Shortcuts

Action iMovie Shortcuts
Paste over at playhead Command + Shift + V
Reverse clip direction Command + R
Lock audio clip at Playhead Command + L
Accept dialog Return
Cancel dialog Esc

From the above list, you can see that there are plenty of iMovie shortcuts, and remembering them all won’t be an easy task. Hence, try to learn the most commonly used ones that will be useful and guide you toward better efficiency. The best alternative for Mac users is Filmora Video Editor.



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