65 HoneyView Keyboard Shortcuts

HoneyView is a well-designed, fast, and easy-to-use image viewer tool that loads images without any lags. With the help of HoneyView Shortcuts, you can view compressed files without extracting them, apply various effects during slideshows, and even edit folders. In short, HoneyView Shortcuts are designed for faster navigation and more convenient image viewing.

Download HoneyView Shortcuts PDF

You can seamlessly view high-resolution images without worrying about the transition or loading times. Below is the HoneyView Shortcuts list, which can be used while viewing images from different devices. Download the HoneyView Shortcuts list in PDF format.

Most used HoneyView Shortcuts

Action HoneyView Shortcuts
Open File Ctrl + O
Open Folder F
Close File F4
Select Image Enter
Show in Windows Explorer Ctrl + Enter
Next image Down Arrow key
Previous image Up Arrow key
First image Home
Last image End
Previous 10 images Ctrl + Page Up key
Next 10 images Ctrl + Page Down key
Delete File Delete
Save File Insert
Move File Ctrl + Insert
Print Ctrl + P
Previous file or path ]
Next file or path [
Fullscreen Alt + Enter
Maximize M
Minimize Q

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Image View Shortcuts

Action HoneyView shortcuts
Do not Rotate Alt + Up Arrow key
Rotate 90 Degrees to the left Alt + Left Arrow key
Rotate 90 Degrees to the right Alt + Right Arrow key
Rotate 180 Alt + Down Arrow key
File or EXIF Info Tab
Launch External Program Ctrl + E
Negative Ctrl + I
Gamma correction Ctrl + G

View & Filter Modes Shortcuts

Action HoneyView shortcut keys
No Filter U
Image Filter – Smooth I
Image Filter – Smooth + Sharpen S
Show One at a time 1
Show Two at a time 2
Swap the left or right image 3
Viewing Mode – None 0
Viewing Mode – Stretch to Frame 9
Stretch Width to Frame 8
Viewing Mode – Show Two at a time (Left -> Right) 7
Viewing Mode – Show Two at a time (Right <- Left) 6
Viewing Mode – Show One at a time (Left -> Right) 5
Viewing Mode – Show One at a time (Right <- Left) 4
Stretch only when the image is bigger than the frame Z

Scrolling Shortcuts

Action HoneyView shortcuts
Scroll Up Right 5
Scroll Up Left 0
Scroll Down Right 6
Scroll Down Left 4
Scroll Right 3
Scroll Left 1
Scroll Down 7
Scroll Center 9

Other Shortcuts

Action HoneyView shortcuts
Lock Title Bar `
Lock Control Bar ~
Add to Bookmark B
Open the most recent Bookmark Ctrl + B
Edit Bookmarks F3
Always on Top Ctrl + A
Show or Hide Meta info Ctrl + M
Set as Wallpaper Ctrl + Alt + W

Zoom Shortcuts

Action HoneyView shortcuts
Zoom in +
Zoom out
Zoom in 1% Ctrl + =
Zoom out 1% Ctrl + –
Zoom 100% *
Zoom Fix Ctrl + K
Zoom Control /

If you’re seeking an alternative image viewer tool, consider checking out IrfanView. It serves as an excellent alternative to HoneyView. Due to the absence of advanced editing features, users often opt to explore other image viewer options.



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