45 MOTU Digital Performer Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows & MacOS

MOTU Digital Performer Shortcuts lets you record, edit, arrange, mix, and process master audio and MIDI tracks. These shortcuts will help you in songwriting, studio production, live performances, film and television soundtracks, and much more professional audio production.

Download MOTU Digital Performer Shortcuts PDF

Increase your MOTU Digital Performer workflow with the given list of MOTU Digital Performer shortcuts that make controlling a lot simpler and faster. Download the MOTU Digital Performer Shortcut Keys list in PDF form to pull more power out of the performer.

Most used MOTU Digital Performer Shortcuts

Action MOTU Digital Performer Shortcuts Windows MOTU Digital Performer Shortcuts Mac
Copy Ctrl + C Command + C
Paste Ctrl + V Command + V
Cut Ctrl + X Command + X
Undo Ctrl + Z Command + Z
Play or Pause Spacebar Spacebar

Editing Shortcuts

Action MOTU Shortcuts Windows MOTU Shortcuts Mac
Repeat Ctrl + R Command + R
Event Shift + E Shift + E
Tracks Shift + T Shift + T
Toggle group Ctrl + Shift + G Command + Shift + G
Heal Ctrl + H Command + H
MMC Shift + H Shift + H
Filters Ctrl + F Command + F
Effects Shift + F Shift + F
Next Sequence Alt + F Option + F
Drum editor Shift + D Shift + D
Control Panel Shift + X Shift + X
Sound Shift + B Shift + B
Previous Sequence Ctrl + B Command + B
Select Start Ctrl + 4 Command + 4
Split Ctrl + Y Command + Y
Audio Performance Shift + Y Shift + Y
Home Ctrl + 5 Command + 5
Select End Ctrl + 6 Command + 6
Search Ctrl + Alt + 3 Command + Option + 3
Rock edit Ctrl + Shift + V Command + Shift + V
Movie Shift + V Shift + V
Audio Monitor Shift + A Shift + A
Chunks Shift + X Shift + X

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Tools Shortcuts

Action MOTU Shortcuts Windows MOTU Shortcuts Mac
Pointer Tool A A
Pencil Tool P P
Reshape Tool R R
Rhythm brush tool E E
Zoom tool Z Z
Scrub tool S S
Loop tool L L
I-beam tool I I
Mute tool M M
Scissor tool C C
Slip tool , ,
Slide tool . .
Roll tool * *
Trim tool / /
Comp tool B B

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