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50 QuickTime Player Keyboard Shortcuts

for macOS

QuickTime Player for Mac comes with a bunch of QuickTime Player Shortcuts. From managing the application to movie viewing, playback, editing videos, recording the screen, etc. you can perform all such tasks in a matter of a few clicks and without even lifting your fingers from the keyboard.

Download QuickTime Player Shortcuts PDF

With the below list of QuickTime Player Shortcuts, you can quickly accomplish many tasks. Using the mouse every time to perform an action will make most users uncomfortable and waste a lot of time. Download the QuickTime Player Shortcuts list for Mac users in the form of a PDF.

Most used QuickTime Player Shortcuts

Action QuickTime Player Shortcuts
Undo Command + Z
Redo Command + Shift + Z
Cut Command + X
Copy Command + C
Paste Command + V
Select all Command + A
Unselect all Command + Shift + A
Rotate left Command + Shift + L
Rotate right Command + Shift + R
Flip horizontal Command + Shift + H
Flip vertical Command + Shift + V
Split clip Command + Y
Trim Command + T

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Basic Task Shortcuts

Action QuickTime Player Shortcuts
New movie recording Command + Option + N
New audio recording Command + Option + N
New screen recording Command + N
Open file Command + O
Open location using a URL Command + U
Close window Command + W
Save or Export Command + Shift + S
Export for the web Command + Shift + E
Minimize window Command + M
Show Movie Inspector Command + I
Show export Progress Command + Option + P

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Movie Playback Shortcuts

Action QuickTime Player Shortcuts
Play or pause Spacebar
Play or pause all movies Command + Return
Stop playback and go back one frame Left Arrow key
Stop playback and go forward one frame Right Arrow key
Go to the beginning of a movie Option + Left Arrow key
Go to the end of a movie Option + Right Arrow key
Cycle through rewind speeds Command + Left Arrow key
Cycle through fast-forward speeds Command + Right Arrow key
Turn volume up Up Arrow key
Turn volume down Down Arrow key
Turn the volume up to the maximum level Option + Up Arrow key
Turn the volume down to the minimum level Option + Down Arrow key
Show closed captioning Command + Option + T
Show chapters Command + R
Loop the movie Command + L

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Size Shortcuts

Action QuickTime Player Shortcuts
Enter Full-screen mode Command + F
Exit Full-screen mode Esc
Display the movie at its actual size Command + 1
Fit the movie to the screen Command + 3
Fill the screen with the movie Command + 4
Display the movie in panoramic mode Command + 5
Increase the movie size Command + +
Decrease the movie size Command + –

Every time you open the QuickTime Player, make sure you learn at least one keyboard shortcut. This will add up to the total of how many QuickTime Player Shortcuts you know and improve your viewing experience. There are a lot more than just shortcuts that meet the eye. VLC Media Player for Mac users is a perfect alternative to QuickTime. Glance through the VLC Shortcuts list.

The QuickTime movie files (.mov) as well as many other file types, including audio, still photos, graphics, and virtual reality (VR) movies, can be played back using Apple’s QuickTime Player. In addition to offering clear quality, the QuickTime Player has a straightforward interface that makes it simple to use. It is set up automatically to start playing again.


What is QuickTime Player?

QuickTime Player is a media player developed by Apple that allows you to play video, audio, and other multimedia files on your Mac computer.

What types of files can QuickTime Player play?

QuickTime Player can play a variety of file formats including MP4, MOV, M4V, AVI, MPEG, 3GPP, and others.

Is QuickTime Player free?

Yes, QuickTime Player is a free software developed by Apple.

How can I edit videos using QuickTime Player?

QuickTime Player allows you to make simple edits to your videos, such as trimming and splitting. To do this, open the video in QuickTime Player, click on Edit in the top menu bar, and choose the edit option you want to use.

Can QuickTime Player record my screen?

Yes, QuickTime Player has a built-in screen recording feature that allows you to record your screen with or without audio.

How do I take a screenshot using QuickTime Player?

To take a screenshot using QuickTime Player, open the app, go to File and select New Screen Recording. Once the screen recording window appears, click on the small arrow next to the record button and select Screen. This will enable you to take a screenshot of your entire screen or a selected portion of your screen.


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