50 QuickTime Shortcuts for Mac

List of QuickTime Shortcuts

Learn QuickTime Player Shortcuts for Mac

Most used QuickTime Player Shortcuts

Action QuickTime Player Shortcuts
Undo Command + Z
Redo Command + Shift + Z
Cut Command + X
Copy Command + C
Paste Command + V
Select all Command + A
Unselect all Command + Shift + A
Rotate left Command + Shift + L
Rotate right Command + Shift + R
Flip horizontal Command + Shift + H
Flip vertical Command + Shift + V
Split clip Command + Y
Trim Command + T

Basic Task Shortcuts

Action QuickTime Shortcut keys
New movie recording Command + Option + N
New audio recording Command + Option + N
New screen recording Command + N
Open file Command + O
Open location using a URL Command + U
Close window Command + W
Save or Export Command + Shift + S
Export for the web Command + Shift + E
Minimize window Command + M
Show Movie Inspector Command + I
Show export Progress Command + Option + P

Movie Playback Shortcuts

Action QuickTime Shortcut keys
Play or pause Spacebar
Play or pause all movies Command + Return
Stop playback and go back one frame Left Arrow key
Stop playback and go forward one frame Right Arrow key
Go to the beginning of a movie Option + Left Arrow key
Go to the end of a movie Option + Right Arrow key
Cycle through rewind speeds Command + Left Arrow key
Cycle through fast forward speeds Command + Right Arrow key
Turn volume up Up Arrow key
Turn volume down Down Arrow key
Turn the volume up to the maximum level Option + Up Arrow key
Turn the volume down to the minimum level Option + Down Arrow key
Show closed captioning Command + Option + T
Show chapters Command + R
Loop the movie Command + L

Size Shortcuts

Action QuickTime Shortcut keys
Enter Full-screen mode Command + F
Exit Full-screen mode Esc
Display movie at actual size Command + 1
Fit the movie to the screen Command + 3
Fill the screen with the movie Command + 4
Display the movie in panoramic mode Command + 5
Increase the movie size Command + +
Decrease the movie size Command + –

Download QuickTime 7 Shortcuts PDF

Download QuickTime Shortcuts PDF



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