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48 AIMP Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn AIMP Shortcuts for Windows

Most used AIMP Shortcuts

Action AIMP Shortcut keys
Add to Queue Q
Remove from queue Alt + Q
Queue manager Ctrl + Q
Fullscreen visualization mode Alt + Enter
Preferences Ctrl + P
Stay on Top Alt + W
Audio Converter Ctrl + K
Audio Library Ctrl + M
Tag Editor Ctrl + T

Player Shortcuts

Action AIMP Shortcuts
Play/Pause Spacebar
Increase volume Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Decrease volume Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Mute V
Turn Shuffle on or off S
Turn Track repeat on or off R
Jump to time Ctrl + J
Seek forward Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Seek backward Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Next track F2
Previous track F1
Permanently delete the current playing file Alt + Delete

Working with Playlist Shortcuts

Action AIMP Shortcut Keys
New playlist Ctrl + N
Close playlist Ctrl + F4
Rename playlist Alt + R
Save playlist Ctrl + S
Add files Insert
Add folder Ctrl + Insert
Add URL Ctrl + U
Open playlist Ctrl + L
Quick search F3
Advanced search Ctrl + F
Play selected file Enter
File info F4
File location Alt + O
Set mark 0 to 5 Ctrl + 0 to 5
Select all files Ctrl + A
Remove all Ctrl + Delete
Remove selected tracks Delete
Physically delete selected files Shift + Delete
Remove disabled files Shift + O
Remove duplicates Shift + R
Remove missing Shift + E
Sort by title Shift + 0
Sort by folders Shift + 1
Sort by duration Shift + 2
Sort by artist Shift + 3
Invert playlist Shift + I
Randomize playlist Shift + U



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