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60 MPV Keyboard Shortcuts

MPV is a media player based on MPlayer and mplayer2. It supports a wide variety of file formats, including video, audio, and subtitles.

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The list below comprises MPV Shortcuts, which will enhance your experience with MPV and facilitate easier access to its advanced features. Additionally, we offer a downloadable PDF format of MPV Shortcuts.

Most Used MPV Shortcuts

Action MPV Shortcuts
Pause or Playback P
Toggle full-screen F
Mute M
Toggle subtitles V
Take a screenshot S
Take a screenshot without subtitles Shift + S
Take a scaled screenshot with subtitles and OSD Ctrl + S
Take a screenshot of every frame automatically Alt + S
Quit and save the current position Q
Show Progress O
Toggle show progress Shift + O
Toggle the video window on top Shift + T
Cycle hardware decoding Ctrl + H
Quit Ctrl + C

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Playback Shortcuts

Action MPV Player shortcuts
Increase the audio delay Ctrl + +
Decrease the audio delay Ctrl + –
Increase speed ]
Decrease speed [
Mute or unmute audio M
Cycle aspect ratio Shift + A
Decrease contrast 1
Increase contrast 2
decrease brightness 3
Increase brightness 4
Decrease gamma 5
Increase gamma 6
Decrease the saturation 7
Increase saturation 8
Decrease audio volume 9
Increase audio volume 0
Zoom out W
Zoom in E

Subtitles Shortcuts

Action MPV Player shortcuts
Show or hide subtitles V
Next subtitle J
Previous subtitle Shift + J
Increase subtitle delay Z
Decrease subtitle delay X
Move subtitles up R
Move subtitles down T
skip to the previous subtitle Ctrl + Left Arrow key
skip to the next subtitle Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Adjust timing to the previous subtitle Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow key
Adjust timing to the next subtitle Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow key

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Move Video rectangle Shortcuts

Action MPV Hotkeys
Add video pan-x 0.1 Alt + Left Arrow key
Add video pan-x -0.1 Alt + Right Arrow key
Add video pan-y 0.1 Alt + Up Arrow key
Add video pan-y -0.1 Alt + Down Arrow key
Reset video zoom, video pan-x, and video pan-y to 0 Alt + Backspace

Navigation Shortcuts

Action MPV Hotkeys
Next Chapter Page Up key
Previous chapter Page Down key
Next frame .
Previous frame ,
Seek 5 seconds Left Arrow key
Seek 1 second exactly Shift + Left Arrow key
Seek 60 seconds Up Arrow key
Seek 5 seconds exactly Shift + Up Arrow key
Seek 600 seconds Shift + Page Up Key

The other stand-in options for MPV include VLC Media Player, AIMP, etc. Your task is to compare these alternatives based on your business requirements and then choose the right one. To assist you further in the selection process, we have listed the respective shortcuts for each alternative. Take a look at VLC Media Player Shortcuts, and AIMP Shortcuts.



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