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15 Microsoft Hotmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Users of Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail might already be familiar with the Microsoft Hotmail Shortcuts. It is not that you cannot perform with a mouse in Hotmail. But shortcuts will speed up the work and the workflow.

Download Microsoft Hotmail Shortcuts PDF

When you work on your PC or laptop the entire day, every second counts, so the given below list of Microsoft Hotmail Shortcuts gives you a way to get things done more quickly. Download the list of Microsoft Hotmail Shortcuts in the form of a PDF.

Most used Microsoft Hotmail Shortcut keys

Action Microsoft Hotmail Shortcut keys
New Message Ctrl + N
Send Message Ctrl + Enter
Open Message Ctrl + Shift + O
Reply to Message Ctrl + R
Save Draft Ctrl + S
Forward message Ctrl + Shift + F
Print Message Ctrl + Shift + P
Close message Esc
Mark as Junk Ctrl + Shift + J
Mark as Read Ctrl + Q
Mark as Unread Ctrl + U
Check Spelling F7
Search Emails Ctrl + /
Go to Inbox Ctrl + F

The Hotmail team wants users to shift to Hotmail services from the other available mail services like Yahoo Mail and Gmail. To do so, introducing the Microsoft Hotmail Hotkeys was one of the many steps to do so. Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail are the biggest email service, providers. Have a look at Gmail Keyboard shortcuts and Yahoo Mail Shortcuts.


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