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30 Yahoo Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

download yahoo mail keyboard shortcuts pdf

Getting through your Yahoo Mailbox got more accessible as well as faster with these Yahoo Mail Shortcuts. Compose an email on yahoo, mark the email as read or unread, highlight an email or perform various activities and actions with the Yahoo Mail Shortcut keys.

List of Yahoo Mail Shortcuts

Yahoo is one of the best email services. Hence, below is the Yahoo Mail Shortcut list that will help you add an extra dash to your productivity in Yahoo Inbox. Download Yahoo Mail Shortcut keys in the form of PDF.

Download Yahoo Mail Shortcuts PDF

Most Used Yahoo Mail Shortcuts

Action Yahoo Mail Shortcut keys
New Message N
New Message in its own window Shift + N
Reply R
Reply in a new window Shift + R
Reply All A
Reply All in a new window Shift + A
Check Mail M
Check All Mail Shift + M
Close Current Tab Ctrl + \
Forward message F
Forward in a new window Shift + F
Mark As Read K
Mark As Unread Shift + K
Flag L
Clear Flag Shift + L
Delete Item Delete
Print Ctrl + P
Save Draft Ctrl + S
Send Message Ctrl + Enter
Turn Reading Pane on and off V
Navigate through tabs-right to left motion Ctrl + [
Navigate through tabs-left to right motion Ctrl + ]
Find a word Ctrl + F
Expand the window to a maximum height F11
Next message Ctrl + .
Previous message Ctrl + ,
Skip to the oldest unread message Ctrl + Shift + End
Move the message to a folder D
Close read-message tab Esc
Start a new chat Ctrl + Shift + C

Above we guided you to learn valuable and straightforward Yahoo Mail Shortcut keys. Yahoo Mail Shortcut keys did not exist during the initial days, but now the shortcut service is available. Well, another mailing software that people have their eye on is Gmail Shortcuts. Checkout for Gmail Shortcuts.


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