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20 Medium Website Keyboard Shortcuts

download medium shortcuts pdf

Knowing how to use Medium Website Shortcuts will help you to stay in the flow while writing and that’s the most valuable thing. You don’t want any sort of distraction while writing and here is where you will know the importance of Medium Shortcuts. Medium is the safest shelter for publishers and readers.

Download Medium Website Shortcuts PDF

Below is the list of Medium Shortcuts that might save a second or two. But it is just not about saving time every now and then it’s about staying focused while writing the text. Download the Medium Shortcuts in the form of a PDF.

Most used Medium Website Shortcuts

Action Medium Website Shortcut keys
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Link Ctrl + K
Header Ctrl + Alt + 1
Subheader Ctrl + Alt + 2
Quote Ctrl + Alt + 5
Separator Ctrl + Enter
Code block Ctrl + Alt + 6
Inline code
Featured image Ctrl + Alt + 8
Bulleted list * then Spacebar
Numbered list 1 then Spacebar
Shortcuts help Ctrl + ?

Google Blogger is the easiest tool that enables writing with image, video, and other content-adding options. Google Blogger Shortcuts is also listed here. However, if your ultimate focus is on writing, Medium is the best option.


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