45 Act CRM Shortcuts for Windows

download act crm shortcuts pdf

List of Act CRM Shortcuts

Learn Act CRM Shortcuts for Windows

Download Act CRM Shortcuts PDF

Most used Act CRM Shortcuts

Action Act CRM Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Print the Content Ctrl + P
Undo Ctrl + Z
Help F1
Exit Act Alt + F4
Create New File or Database Ctrl + N
Open existing File or Database Ctrl + O
Save File or Database Ctrl + S

Activity Shortcuts

Action Act CRM shortcut keys
New Contact,group,company Insert
Record history Ctrl + H
Edit Mode On or Off Ctrl + E
Schedule Call Ctrl + L
Schedule Meeting Ctrl + M
Schedule To-do Ctrl + T
Refresh Ctrl + F5
Display Timer Shift + F4
Add a sales opportunity Ctrl + F11
Attach a file Ctrl + I
Clear Activity Ctrl + D
Delete a contact or group Ctrl + Delete
Close Menu or Dialog box Esc
Add Secondary contact Ctrl + Insert
Reschedule Activity Ctrl + Shift + D
Save a copy or create an empty copy of the database F12
Import data from other files or database Alt + F12
Open Annual Event Search Ctrl + Shift + A
Open opportunity list Shift + F7

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Act CRM shortcut keys
Switch focus between the timer and the current window Alt + F6
Switch to Previous contact record Ctrl + Page Up key
Switch to next contact record Ctrl + Page Down key

View Shortcuts

Action Act CRM shortcut keys
Task List F7
Company List Alt + F10
Work week user roles Shift + F3
Monthly Calendar F5
Contact list F8
Contact detail view F11
Group list F10
Context Sensitive Help Shift + F1
Group or Company tab from contact view Ctrl + F9
Mini calendar F4
Activity tab Alt + F9
History tab Shift + F9
Notes Tab Alt + Shift + F9


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