160 Logic Pro X Shortcuts for Mac

List of Logic Pro X Shortcuts

Learn Logic Pro X Shortcuts for Mac

Most used Logic Pro X Shortcuts

Action Logic Pro X Shortcut keys
Open Movie Command + Option + O
Open Command + O
Save Command + S
Import Command + I
Quit Command + Q
Minimize Window Command + M
Print Command + P
Save Project As Command + Shift + S
Close Window Command + W
Copy Command + C
Paste Command + V
Cut Command + X
Undo Command + Z
Redo Command + Shift + Z
Undo History Command + Option + Z
Select all Command + A
Show Tool Menu T
Show or hide movie track only Command + Shift + O
Show or hide Tempo Track only Command + Shift + T
Show or Hide Inspector I
Grid Ctrl + G
Record R
Capture as Recording Shift + R
Pause .
Stop 0
Rewind ,
Fast Rewind Shift + ,
Fast forward Shift + .
Create Marker Option + ‘
Delete Marker Option + Backspace
Go to Previous Marker Option + ,
Go to Next Marker Option + .
Rename Marker Shift + ‘
Go to Marker Number 1..9 1..9
Go to Marker Number 10..19 Ctrl + 0..9
Discard Recording and Return to Last Play Position Command + .
Show or hide Smart Controls B
Show or hide Mixer X
Show or hide Score Editor N
Show or hide Piano Roll P
Show or hide Loop Browser O
Show or hide Library Y
Show or hide Audio File Editor W
Open Main window Command + 1
Open Mixer Command + 2
Open Smart Controls Command + 3
Open Piano Roll Command + 4
Open Score Editor Command + 5
Open Audio File Editor Command + 6
Open Event List Command + 7
Open Project Audio Command + 8
Open Transform Command + 9
show or Hide colors Option + C
Go to Position /
Set Rounded Locators by Regions or Events U
Swap Left and Right Locator =
Cycle Mode C
Solo Mode Ctrl + S
Set Solo Lock Mode Option + S
Set Punch in locator by Playhead Command + Ctrl + Option + I
Set Punch out locator by Playhead Command + Ctrl + Option + O
Solo Off for All Command + Ctrl + Option + S
Mute Off for All Command + Ctrl + Option + M
Autopunch Mode Command + Ctrl + Option + P
Show Detailed Help Command + /

Main Window Shortcuts

Action Logic Pro X Shortcut keys
New Tracks Command + Option + N
New Audio Track Command + Option + A
New Software Instruments Track Command + Option + S
New External MIDI Track Command + Option + X
Delete Track Command + Backspace
Delete Duplicated Events Option + D
Bounce Command + B
Deselect all Option + Shift + D
Invert Selection Shift + I
Select All Following Shift + F
Select All Inside Locators Shift + L
Select Overlapped Regions or Events Shift + O
Select Same Sub position Shift + P
Select Muted Regions or Events Shift + M
Select Equal Colored Regions or Events Shift + C
Loop Regions/Folders on or off L

Project Audio Shortcuts

Action Logic Pro X Shortcut keys
Add Audio Files Ctrl + F
Add Region Ctrl + R
Optimize Files Ctrl + O
Backup Files Ctrl + B
Copy or Convert Files Ctrl + K
Select Unused Shift + U
Strip Silence Ctrl + X
Create Group Ctrl + G
Import Region Info Ctrl + I
Export Region Info Ctrl + E
Select Previous Audio Files Up Arrow key
Select Next Audio Files Down Arrow key

Audio File Editor Shortcuts

Action Logic Pro X Shortcut keys
New Zone Ctrl + Z
New Group Ctrl + G
Create New Region Ctrl + R
Normalize Ctrl + N
Fade In Ctrl + I
Fade Out Ctrl + O
Silence Ctrl + Backspace
Remove DC Offset Ctrl + D
Search Peak Shift + P
Search Silence Shift + S
Invert Ctrl + Shift + I
Reverse Ctrl + Shift + R

Step Input Shortcuts

Action Logic Pro X Shortcut keys
Note C A
Note C# W
Note D S
Note D# E
Note E D
Note F F
Note F# T
Note G G
Note G# Y
Note A H
Note A# U
Note B J
Octave -1 Z
Octave +1 X
Octave -2 Shift + Z
Octave +2 Shift + X
Velocity 16 (PPP) C
Velocity 32 (PP) V
Velocity 48 (P) B
Velocity 64 (MP) N
Quantize Note Start On or Off Q

Score Editor Shortcuts

Action Logic Pro X Shortcut keys
Page View Ctrl + P
Explore Folders Ctrl + F
Explore Polyphony Ctrl + X
Hide or show Instrument Names Ctrl + Shift + N
Hide or Show Page Rulers Ctrl + Shift + R
Next Event Right Arrow key
Previous Event Left Arrow key
Next Staff Down Arrow key
Previous Staff Up Arrow key
Defeat Interpretation Ctrl + Y
Beam Selected Notes Ctrl + B
Unbeam Selected Notes Ctrl + U
Default Beams Ctrl + D

Environment Shortcuts

Action Logic Pro X Shortcut keys
Clear cables only Ctrl + Backspace
Invert Selection Shift + I
Send Selected Fader Values Ctrl + V
Delete Layer Command + Backspace
Cable Serially Ctrl + S
Select Unused Instruments Shift + U
Show or Hide Cables Ctrl + C
Protect cabling or Positions Ctrl + P

Mixer Shortcuts

Action Logic Pro X Shortcut keys
Cycle through Mixer Nodes Shift + X
Select Audio Channel Strips Shift + A
Select Instrument Channel Strips Shift + S
Select Auxiliary Channel Strips Shift + F
Select Output Channel Strips Shift + O
Select MIDI Channel Strips Shift + E
Select Equal Colored Channel Strips Shift + C
Select Muted Channel Strips Shift + M

Download Logic Pro X Shortcuts PDF for Mac

Download Logic Pro X Shortcuts PDF


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