45 Adobe RoboHelp Keyboard Shortcuts list

for Windows

Keyboard shortcuts help in completing tasks and Adobe RoboHelp Shortcuts are nothing different than that. What is Adobe RoboHelp? Well, it’s a help authoring tool that creates help systems and eLearning content.

Download Adobe RoboHelp Shortcuts PDF

Given below is the list of all the available Adobe RoboHelp Shortcuts. Download the Adobe RoboHelp Shortcuts list for future use in PDF format. This list would be of great help to the technical writers that create help files for a variety of applications.

Most used RoboHelp Shortcuts

Action Adobe RoboHelp Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Select All Ctrl + A
Save Project Ctrl + S
Open Project Ctrl + O
Find Something Ctrl + F
Print Ctrl + P
Delete Delete
Go to Bookmark F5
Spell checking F7
Open Project in Offline Mode Ctrl
Thesaurus Shift + F7
Paragraph Markers Ctrl + Shift + +
Preview Ctrl + W
Italic Ctrl + I
Bold Ctrl + B
Underline Ctrl + U
Format Font Menu Ctrl + D
Format Paragraph Menu Ctrl + Shift + D
Increase Font size as Next in the Menu Ctrl + Shift + .
Decrease Font Size as Previously in the Menu Ctrl + Shift + ,
Increase Font Size by 1 px Ctrl + ]
Decrease Font Size by 1 px Ctrl + [
Font Change Ctrl + Shift + F

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Display Objects Shortcuts

Action Adobe RoboHelp Shortcut keys
Conditional Build Tag Dialog Ctrl + N
Project Manager Ctrl + 1
TOC Composer Ctrl + 2
Index Designer Ctrl + 3
Glossary Designer Ctrl + 4
Tools Tab Ctrl + 5
Open Topic Properties Dialog Alt + Enter
Open Project Settings Dialog Ctrl + Shift + ?

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Design Editor Shortcuts

Action Adobe RoboHelp Shortcuts
Apply Style in Design Editor Ctrl + Shift + S
Apply Heading 1..2 Ctrl + Alt + 1 .. 2
Apply Normal style Ctrl + Shift + N
Apply Listed Style Ctrl + Shift + L

Insertion Shortcuts

Action Adobe RoboHelp Shortcuts
Insert Images Ctrl + G
Insert Hyperlink Ctrl + K
Insert TextOnly PopUp Ctrl + Alt + P

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Index Designer Shortcuts

Action Adobe RoboHelp Shortcut keys
Change the Index keyword to Lowercase Ctrl + L
Change the Index keyword to Uppercase Ctrl + U

A common mistake that everyone makes is that they considered Adobe RoboHelp as a part of Adobe Creative Cloud. No, please do not. Note that: Adobe RoboHelp is not a part of Adobe Creative Cloud. Projects can be accessed through any location by the teammates by using a shared Dropbox. We have a list of Dropbox Shortcuts as well. Have you checked it out?


What is Adobe RoboHelp?

Adobe RoboHelp is a software application that is used to create and publish technical documentation, such as user guides, help files, and online knowledge bases. It is part of the Adobe Technical Communication Suite, which includes a range of tools for creating and publishing technical content.

What are some key features of Adobe RoboHelp?

Some key features of Adobe RoboHelp include: Support for a wide range of file formats, including HTML, PDF, and Word Advanced authoring and formatting tools Professional-quality layout and design options Ability to create and publish documentation in multiple languages Integration with other Adobe software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign Support for creating and publishing online help systems and knowledge bases


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