70 KiCAD Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

download kicad keyboard shortcuts pdf

List of KiCAD Shortcuts

Learn KiCAD Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

Download KiCAD Shortcuts PDF

EE Schema Shortcuts

Action KiCAD Shortcuts Windows KiCAD Shortcuts Mac
Zoom In F1 F1
Zoom Out F2 F2
Zoom Redraw F3 F3
Zoom Center F4 F4
Fit on Screen Home Home
Delete Item Delete Delete
Repeat Last Item Insert Insert
Move Block Tab Tab
Move-Item M M
Copy Component or Label C C
Drag Item G G
Add Component A A
Add Power P P
Rotate Item R R
Mirror X Component X X
Mirror Y Component Y Y
Orient Normal Component N N
Edit Item E E
Edit Value V V
Edit Reference U U
Edit Footprint F F
Begin Wire W W
Begin Bus B B
End Line Wire Bus K K
Add Label L L
Add Hierarchical Label H H
Add Junction J J
Add No Connect Flag Q Q
Add Sheet S S
Add Wire Entry Z Z
Add Bus Entry / /
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PCB Shortcuts

Action KiCAD Shortcuts Windows KiCAD Shortcuts Mac
Reset Local Coordinates Spacebar Spacebar
Undo Ctrl + Z Command + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y Command + Y
Track Display Mode K K
Delete Delete Delete
Delete Track Segment Backspace Backspace
Add New Track X X
Add Via V V
Add Microvia Ctrl + V Command + V
Switch Track Posture / /
Drag Track, Keep Slope D D
Place Item P P
Copy-Item C C
End Track End End
Move-Item M M
Flip Item F F
Rotate Item R R
Drag Item G G
Get and Move Footprint T T
Lock or Unlock Footprint L L
Save Board Ctrl + S Command + S
Load Board Ctrl + L Command + L
Find Item Ctrl + F Command + F
Edit Item End End
Switch to Cooper Layer Page Down key Page Down key
Switch to Inner Layer 1 F5 F5
Switch to Inner Layer 2 F6 F6
Switch to Component Layer Page Up key Page Up key
Switch to Next Layer + +
Switch to Previous Layer
Add Module O O
Switch Track Width to Next W W
Switch Track Width to Previous Ctrl + W Command + W
Switch High-contrast Mode H H


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