55 Kingsoft Spreadsheet Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

The Kingsoft Spreadsheet Shortcuts make your job easier, but add great value to your work as well. The purpose of this blog is to help you unlock the power of WPS Office through its shortcuts list and make it more exciting.

Download Kingsoft Spreadsheet Shortcuts PDF

Shortcuts act as a gateway to being more productive in the WPS Office suite, Kingsoft Spreadsheet. You will work more efficiently and smartly with a free spreadsheet program. Below given is the list of Kingsoft Spreadsheet Shortcuts. Download the Kingsoft Spreadsheet Shortcuts in PDF format for future quick reference.

Most used Kingsoft Spreadsheet shortcuts

Action Kingsoft Spreadsheet Shortcut keys
Starts New Line in Same Cell Alt + Enter
Clears the content of the active cell to re-edit cell content Backspace
Enters the current time Ctrl + ‘
Enters the current date Ctrl + ;
Applies or removes bold formatting Ctrl + B
Copies of the selected cells Ctrl + C
Uses the Fill Down command to copy the contents Ctrl + D
Moves to the last cell on a worksheet Ctrl + End
Fills the selected cell range with the current entry Ctrl + Enter
Applies or removes italic formatting Ctrl + I
Create New Workbook Ctrl + N
Displays the Hyperlink dialog box Ctrl + K
Saves the active file Ctrl + S
Applies or removes underlining Ctrl + U
Paste Ctrl + V
Closes the selected workbook window Ctrl + W
Cuts the selected cells Ctrl + X
Repeats the last command or action Ctrl + Y
Undo Ctrl + Z
Help F1
Insert chart F11
Displays the Save As dialog box F12
Edits the active cell F2
Repeats the last action F4

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Navigation Shortcuts

Action Spreadsheet Shortcuts
Movement in Cells Arrow keys
Move to the Beginning of the Worksheet Ctrl + Home
Switches between Worksheet Tabs from Right to Left Ctrl + Page Down key
Switches between Worksheet from Left to Right Ctrl + Page Up key
Go to the Next Tab Ctrl + Tab
Go to the Previous Tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Moves One Cell down in the Selected Cell Range Enter
Moves One Cell Up in the Selected Cell Range Shift + Enter
Moves to Cell in Upper Left Corner of Window Home
Select Cell in Next Screen in Same Column Page Down key
Select Cell in Previous Screen in Same Column Page Up key
Move one cell to the Right Tab
Move one cell to the Left Shift + Tab

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Display Various Objects Shortcuts

Action Kingsoft Shortcuts
Display MS Visual Basic Editor Alt + F11
Display Spelling Check Dialog Box F7
Display Macros Dialog Box to Run, Edit, or Delete Macros Alt + F8
Display Control Menu from Program Window Alt + Spacebar
Display Format Cells Dialog Box Ctrl + 1
Display Task Pane on Right Side of Program Window Ctrl + F1
Display Go to Dialog Box Ctrl + G
Display Replace Dialog Box Ctrl + H
Go to Find Dialog Box Ctrl + F
Display Print Dialog Box Ctrl + P
Display Insert Dialog Box Ctrl + Shift + =
Display Context Menu of Selected Item Shift + F10
Display Open Dialog Box Ctrl + O

Selection Shortcuts

Action Kingsoft Shortcuts
Select All Worksheet Ctrl + Arrow keys
Select Cell Range from Current Cells to Next Screen of Same Column Shift + Page Down key
Select Cell Range from Current Cells to Previous Screen of Same Column Shift + Page Up key

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