TikTok Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

TikTok keeps on inventing some or other feature every now and then. And this time it has come up with an interesting update i.e. TikTok Desktop Shortcuts. With this, exploring the latest videos on laptops or computers got easier. TikTok became one of the fastest-growing applications in the year 2020. Teenagers had become obsessed with it.

List of TikTok Desktop Shortcuts

The days of struggle have finally come to an end with the introduction of TikTok Desktop Shortcuts. Given below is the list of all the available shortcuts. Download the list of TikTok Desktop Shortcut keys in the form of a PDF.

Most used TikTok Desktop Shortcuts

Action TikTok Shortcut keys
Go to the previous video Up Arrow key
Go to the next video Down Arrow key
Like video L
Toggle mute M

But due to various controversies, the government from all over the world is banning the application. Hence, because of this uncertainty people are looking for a TikTok alternative. Fireworks offer similar functionality to TikTok but is not a perfect alternative. You can quickly sneak into Adobe Fireworks Shortcuts.

What has caught the eye of the newest kid is the Instagram reels. It is getting more popular and its reach is enormous. It makes it feel just like TikTok.


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