60 Solidworks Keyboard Shortcuts

Mastering SolidWorks shortcuts, as well as the SolidWorks software itself, can be quite challenging. SolidWorks shortcuts are particularly helpful in the field of design. The SolidWorks software provides you with 3D CAD tools that can create, simulate, publish, and manage data.

Download Solidworks Shortcut keys PDF

Each person’s working style differs. Some may rely heavily on shortcuts, while others may prefer the traditional mouse method. You can even download the list of SolidWorks Shortcuts for Windows users in PDF format.

File Menu Shortcuts

Action Solidworks Shortcuts
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Open from Web Folder Ctrl + W
Make a Drawing from part Ctrl + D
Make a new Assy from part Ctrl + A
Save Ctrl + S
Print Ctrl + P

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Edit Menu Shortcuts

Action Solidworks Shortcuts
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Repeat Last Command Enter
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Delete Delete
Rebuild Ctrl + B
Forced Rebuild Ctrl + Q

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Tools Menu Shortcuts

Action Solidworks Shortcut keys
Line L
Mate Diagnostics Ctrl + M

View Menu Shortcuts

Action Solidworks Shortcut keys
Rotate the model Arrow keys
Rotate the model 90º Shift + Arrow keys
Rotate the model CW or CCW Alt + Arrow keys
Pan the model Ctrl + Arrow keys
Redraw Ctrl + R
Orientation Spacebar
Zoom to Fit F
Undo View Change Ctrl + Shift + Z
View Task Pane Ctrl + F1
View Quick Snaps F3
Zoom Out One Step Z
Zoom In One Step Shift + Z

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Other SolidWorks Shortcuts

Action Solidworks Shortcuts
Command Option Toggle A
Expand or Collapse Tree C
Filter Edges E
Filter Vertices V
Filter Faces X
Next Edge N
Accept Edge Y
Help F1
Name edit mode F2
Toggle Selection Filter Toolbar F5
Toggle Selection Filter F6
Front Ctrl + 1
Back Ctrl + 2
Left Ctrl + 3
Right Ctrl + 4
Top Ctrl + 5
Bottom Ctrl + 6
Iso Ctrl + 7
Normal to Ctrl + 8
What’s this? Shift + F1
Cycle between documents-forward Ctrl + Tab
Cycle between documents-backwards Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Next window Ctrl + F6
Close window Ctrl + F4
Move Drawing View Up Up Arrow key
Move Drawing View Down Down Arrow key
Move Drawing View Left Left Arrow key
Move Drawing View Right Right Arrow key
Force Regen To Top Level Of Assy Ctrl + Q
Make Horizontal Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H
Edit dimension properties Alt + R

Are you wondering how SolidWorks shortcuts can help you in the middle of your work? Well, suppose you’re in the middle of your workflow and need to magnify something. Instead of navigating with a mouse, simply use the SolidWorks shortcut ‘G’. SketchUp is my go-to alternative software instead of SolidWorks. Take a look at SketchUp Shortcuts.



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