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30 LunarVim Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn LunarVim Shortcuts for Windows

Window Shortcuts

Action LunarVim Shortcuts
Go to the left window Ctrl + J
Go to the lower window Ctrl + J
Go to the upper window Ctrl + K
Go to the right window Ctrl + L
Decrease window height Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Increase window height Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Decrease window width Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Increase window width Ctrl + Right Arrow key

Completion Shortcuts

Action LunarVim Shortcut keys
Show completion menu Ctrl + Spacebar
Confirm Enter
Abort Ctrl + E
Select the previous item Ctrl + K
Select next item Ctrl + J
Scroll docs up Ctrl + D
Scroll docs down Ctrl + F
Jump to the next jumpable in a snippet Tab
Jump to the previous jumpable in a snippet Shift + Tab

Editing Shortcuts

Action LunarVim Shortcut keys
Block comment G then B
Move line(s) up ♦ Meta + K
Move line(s) down ♦ Meta + J

LSP Shortcuts

Action LunarVim Shortcut keys
Hover information (double tap to get inside) Shift + K
Move the cursor inside the K window Shift + K then K
Go to definition G then D
Go to declaration G then Shift + D
Go to references G then R
Go to Implementation G then L
Show signature help G then S
Show line diagnostics G then L
Move the cursor inside gl diagnostics window G then L then G then L


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