16 Space Station 14 Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Space Station 14 Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Space Station 14 Shortcuts

Action Space Station Shortcut keys
Interaction Left Mouse Click
Activation interaction E
Alternative interaction (eject an item, halve a stack, lock a locker, etc.) Alt + Left Mouse Click
Use currently held item Z
Start dragging an item. Press Ctrl + left click again or H to stop dragging. Ctrl + Left Mouse Click
Actions 0 – 9
Open the Esc menu Esc
Open the character menu C
Toggle the inventory for equipping clothing I
Open the Construction menu for crafting items and building structures G
Open the actions-browser K
Open admin tools F7
Open the sandbox-menu B
Swap the currently active hand X
Drop the currently held item Q
Throw the current item Ctrl + Q



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