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64 VirtualBox Keyboard Shortcuts

List of VirtualBox Shortcuts

Learn VirtualBox Shortcuts for Windows

VirtualBox Manager Shortcuts

Action VirtualBox Shortcut keys
Cloud Profile Manager: Add Profile Ctrl + Shift + A
Media Manager: Add Ctrl + Shift + A
Add machine Ctrl + A
Log Viewer: Bookmark Ctrl + Shift + D
Snapshot Pane: Clone Ctrl + Shift + C
Clone Ctrl + O
Cloud Profile Manager Ctrl + P
Help contents F1
Media Manager: Copy Ctrl + Shift + C
Network Manager: Create Ctrl + Shift + C
Snapshot Pane: Delete Ctrl + Shift + D
Exit Ctrl + Q
Export Appliance Ctrl + E
Log Viewer: Filter Ctrl + Shift + T
Log Viewer: Find Ctrl + Shift + F
Host Network Manager Ctrl + H
Import Appliance Ctrl + I
Cloud Profile Manager: Import Profiles Ctrl + Shift + I
Media Manager: Move Ctrl + Shift + M
New machine Ctrl + N
Log Viewer: Options Ctrl + Shift + P
Preferences Ctrl + G
Cloud Profile Manager: Profile Properties Ctrl + Shift + P
Media Manager: Properties Ctrl + Shift + P
Network Manager: Properties Ctrl + Shift + P
Snapshot Pane: Properties Ctrl + Shift + P
Log Viewer: Refresh Ctrl + Shift + R
Media Manager: Refresh Ctrl + Shift + F
Network Manager: Refresh Ctrl + Shift + F
Media Manager: Release Ctrl + Shift + L
Cloud Profile Manager: Remove Profile Ctrl + Shift + R
Media Manager: Remove Ctrl + Shift + R
Network Manager: Remove Ctrl + Shift + R
Snapshot Pane: Restore Ctrl + Shift + R
Log Viewer: Save Ctrl + Shift + S
Settings Ctrl + S
Cloud Profile Manager: Show Help Ctrl + Shift + H
Show Log Ctrl + L
Snapshot Pane: Take Ctrl + Shift + T
Cloud Profile Manager: Try Oracle Cloud for Free Ctrl + Shift + T
Virtual Media Manager Ctrl + D

Virtual Machine Shortcuts

Action VirtualBox Shortcuts
Host key combination Right Ctrl
ACPI shutdown Right Ctrl + H
Adjust window size Right Ctrl + A
Log viewer: Bookmark Right Ctrl + Shift + D
Close Right Ctrl + Q
Log viewer: Filter Right Ctrl + Shift + T
Log viewer: Find Right Ctrl + Shift + F
Full-screen mode Right Ctrl + F
Insert Ctrl – Alt – Del Right Ctrl + Delete
Insert host key combo Right Ctrl + Insert
Minimize window Right Ctrl + M
Log viewer: Options Right Ctrl + Shift + P
Pause Right Ctrl + P
Popup menu Right Ctrl + Home
Log viewer: Refresh Right Ctrl + Shift + R
Reset Right Ctrl + R
Log viewer: Save Right Ctrl + Shift + S
Scaled mode Right Ctrl + C
Seamless mode Right Ctrl + L
Session information Right Ctrl + N
Settings Right Ctrl + S
Take screenshot Right Ctrl + E
Take snapshot Right Ctrl + T



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