7 Awakened PoE Trade Keyboard Shortcuts

SnoSme developed the Awakened PoE Trade application for checking prices. With Awakened PoE (Path of Exile) Trade Shortcuts, you can perform various tasks such as buying and selling items and currencies. In short, you can become a money-making machine by accurately pricing your products.

Download Awakened PoE Trade Shortcuts PDF

Today, we’ll provide a quick guide to the Awakened PoE Trade hotkeys. You’ll realize the benefits and how it enhances your gameplay once you start using the PoE Trade Shortcuts. You can also download the Awakened PoE Trade Hotkeys list in PDF format.

Most used Awakened PoE Trade Shortcuts

Action Awakened PoE Trade Hotkeys
Check the price of the item Ctrl + D
Open the item on Wiki Alt + W
Access overlay with widgets Shift + Spacebar
Go to hideout F5
Exit to the character selection screen F9
Scroll through stash tabs Ctrl + Mouse Scroll

It should come as no surprise that many other community members have been sharing their opinions on pricing tool suites ever since Awakened PoE Trade gained prominence. The best alternative to Awakened PoE Trade is PoE-Overlay. Take a quick look at PoE-Overlay Shortcuts.



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