30 Nier Automata Keyboard Shortcuts

Nier: Automata is an action role-playing video game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix. In this tutorial, we’ll explore the set of keyboard shortcuts available for the game. Let’s take a look below!

Download Nier Automata Game Shortcuts PDF

While it’s not strictly necessary to memorize all the Nier: Automata controls, familiarizing yourself with the Nier: Automata Shortcuts list can significantly improve your movement in the game. Below is the list of Nier: Automata Controls that can be accessed while playing. You can download this set of Nier: Automata Controls in PDF format.

Most Used Nier Automata Shortcuts

Action Nier Automata Controls
Move Forward (Double Tab To Evade) W
Move Back (Double Tab To Evade) S
Move Left (Double Tab To Evade) A
Move Right (Double Tab To Evade) D
Auto-Run R
Jump Spacebar
Action E
Light Attack /
Heavy Attack \
Lock-On Q
Fire 1 Shift (Right)
Fire 2 Shift (Left)
Pod Program 1
Light On or Off 2
Camera Up Up Arrow key
Switch Weapons Alt + Up Arrow key
Camera Down Down Arrow key
Use The Items Alt + Down Arrow key
Camera on the Right Right Arrow key
Switch The Pod Alt + Right Arrow key
Camera Left Left Arrow key
Switch Pod Alt + Left Arrow key
B Mode B
Walk 1 Ctrl
Walk 2 Ctrl
Reset The Camera End
System Menu P



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