30 Nier Automata Keyboard Shortcuts/Controls

for Windows

Action role-playing video game Nier: Automata. PlatinumGames created it, and Square Enix released it. The set of keyboard shortcuts accessible for the Nier: Automata game will be shown to you in this tutorial. Let’s check them out below!

Download Nier Automata Game Shortcuts PDF

It is not strictly necessary to know the Nier Automata Controls. But, by simply knowing the Nier Automata Shortcuts list, the movement in the Nier Automata Game will be significantly smoother. Given below is the set of Nier Automata Controls that can be accessed while in the game. Download this set of Nier Automata Controls in PDF format.

Most used Nier Automata Game Shortcuts

Action Nier Automata Controls
Move Forward (Double Tab To Evade) W
Move Back (Double Tab To Evade) S
Move Left (Double Tab To Evade) A
Move Right (Double Tab To Evade) D
Auto-Run R
Jump Spacebar
Action E
Light Attack /
Heavy Attack \
Lock-On Q
Fire 1 Shift (Right)
Fire 2 Shift (Left)
Pod Program 1
Light On or Off 2
Camera Up Up Arrow key
Switch Weapons Alt + Up Arrow key
Camera Down Down Arrow key
Use The Items Alt + Down Arrow key
Camera on the Right Right Arrow key
Switch The Pod Alt + Right Arrow key
Camera Left Left Arrow key
Switch Pod Alt + Left Arrow key
B Mode B
Walk 1 Ctrl
Walk 2 Ctrl
Reset The Camera End
System Menu P


What are Controls in Nier Automata?

Controls are a way to quickly access weapons, items, and chips in Nier Automata. They allow you to assign certain actions or items to a button combination or key, making it easier to perform actions quickly in combat.

How many shortcut slots are available in Nier Automata?

Nier Automata has four shortcut slots available by default, but this can be increased to eight by obtaining certain upgrades.

Can I change the default shortcut assignments in Nier Automata?

Yes, you can customize the shortcut assignments to any button combination or key you prefer.

Can I assign items or chips to shortcuts in Nier Automata?

Yes, you can assign items and chips to shortcut slots in Nier Automata. This can be useful for quickly using healing items or activating chips in combat.

Do I need to use shortcuts in Nier Automata?

While not strictly necessary, using shortcuts can make combat in Nier Automata much smoother and more efficient. They can be especially useful during boss fights or when facing large groups of enemies.


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