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45 Pixlr Editor Web Keyboard Shortcuts

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It is a quick and easy-to-use online photo editing tool. It also offers Windows and macOS downloadable software. We have listed all of the keyboard shortcuts for the Pixlr Editor (Web) on this page.

Download Pixlr Editor Web Shortcuts PDF

Learn Pixlr Editor Web shortcut keys for Windows

Most used Pixlr Editor Web shortcuts

Action Pixlr Editor Shortcuts
New Image Ctrl + N
Open The Image Ctrl + O
Save Images Ctrl + S
Close The Image Ctrl + W
Exit Ctrl + Q
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Clear Delete
Select All Ctrl + A
Deselect All Ctrl + D
Free Transform Ctrl + T
Zoom In Ctrl + +
Zoom Out Ctrl + –
Actual Size Ctrl + 0
Brush Size Smaller ,
Brush Size Larger .
Brush Hardness Softer Shift + ,
Brush Hardness Harder Shift + .
Hand Tool Spacebar

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Tools Shortcuts

Action Pixlr Editor Shortcut keys
Marquee Tool M
Move Tools V
Lasso Tool L
The Crop Tool C
Wand Tool W
Clone Stamp Tool S
The Eraser Tool E
Brush Tool B
Paint Bucket Tool (Fill) G
The Blur Tool R
Sharpen Tools Y
Smudge The Tool U
Sponge Tool P
Dodge Tools O
Burn The Tool N
Bloat The Tool A
Pinch Tools K
Color Picker Tool I
Type The Tool T
A Hand Tool H
The Zoom Tool Z
Switch Color Pads X
Reset Color Pads D


What is Pixlr Editor Web?

Pixlr Editor Web is a free online photo editing tool that allows users to edit photos, create graphics, and add effects.

What are Pixlr Editor shortcuts?

Pixlr Editor Web shortcuts are keyboard combinations that allow you to quickly perform certain actions, such as selecting a tool, zooming in and out, or applying an effect.

How do I use Pixlr Editor shortcuts?

To use Pixlr Editor shortcuts, you need to press a specific combination of keys simultaneously. The exact key combinations may vary depending on the specific shortcuts you want to use.

Can I customize Pixlr Editor shortcuts?

No, you cannot customize Pixlr Editor shortcuts.

What are some common Pixlr Editor Web shortcuts?

Some common Pixlr Editor Web shortcuts include Ctrl/Cmd + C/V/X for copy, paste, and cut, Ctrl/Cmd + Z for undo, Ctrl/Cmd + T for transform, and Ctrl/Cmd + S for save.


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