20 Garena Free Fire Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

Garena Free Fire Game is easy to play on a PC, rather than playing on a mobile. It takes more practice for people to master Garena Free Fire Shortcuts. Battle royale game Garena Free Fire may be played on PC with BlueStacks or other emulators.

Download Garena Free Fire Game Shortcuts PDF

Allow me to guide you through this set of Garena Free Fire shortcut keys. You may easily control your game character and carry out in-game tasks with the help of these shortcuts. Download this Garena Free Fire Shortcut keys list in PDF format or printable format for future use.

Weapons & Items Shortcuts

Action Garena Free Fire Shortcuts
Fire the weapon Left Mouse click
Aim Right Mouse click
Primary weapon 2
Secondary weapon 3
Melee weapon 4
Heal or use the medkit 5
Grenade 6
Take the backpack Tab
Show the map M
Reload the weapon R
Collect item 1 or pick up item 1 H
Enter the vehicle or collect item 2 G
Interact or collect item 3 F

Movement Shortcuts

Action Garena Free Fire hotkeys
Move the character W or A or S or D
Jump Spacebar
Crouch C
Crawl Z
Sprint Shift

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